She Humiliated Her Traditional Grandparents in Public but When You Look at How Manipulative They Were, You’ll Understand Why

Is she wrong for humiliating her grandparents in public by loudly telling them to stop pretending they’re amazing grandparents when they’re only interested in her because their golden grandchild stopped being perfect enough for them?

A Reddit user tells their story of calling out their bad grandparent’s parenting behaviors.

A Strained Relationship

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OP’s relationship with their paternal grandparents has been strained due to the grandparents’ self-centered behavior. OP’s grandparents have always prioritized appearances and their social status over their family’s happiness.

They Didn’t Parent Well

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They forced OP’s father into activities he didn’t enjoy and even caused him to sustain a knee injury due to their desire for him to be a trophy son.

He Finally Stood Up for Himself

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The situation between OP’s father and grandparents reached a breaking point when he stood up to them and told them he did not want to become a doctor or a lawyer.

The Grandparents Retaliate

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The grandparents did not attend their son’s college graduation or wedding and even refused to be a part of OP’s life because they believed their grandchild would turn out “bad” like their father.

Other Son was Treated Better

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OP’s uncle, on the other hand, was treated very differently and was encouraged to excel in academics and sports.

Grandparents Focused on the Wrong Things

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OP’s grandparents are still fixated on appearances and their need to impress their friends. They were initially impressed by OP’s cousin V because she excelled in ballet at a young age, but they have now grown resentful towards her because she is not a straight-A student or a cheerleader. 

OP is Now Getting Attention

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Although OP’s grandparents did not show much interest in them before, they have suddenly become very involved in their life and show up to all of their events.

Motives Seem Odd to OP

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However, their intentions are not entirely genuine, and they only seem to care about OP because their other grandchild has disappointed them.

Grandparents Still Rude to OP’s Father

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At a choir concert where OP performed two solo songs, the grandparents loudly praised their grandchild and made snide remarks about OP’s father.

Grandparents Continue to Make Hurtful Comments

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When OP tried to leave, the grandparents stopped them and made hurtful comments about V’s “spiteful rebelling.”

OP Is Very Frustrated

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OP was understandably frustrated by their grandparents’ behavior and publicly called them out on their manipulative and selfish actions.

While some acquaintances believed that the grandparents were only misguided in their actions, OP felt that their behavior was inappropriate and damaging to their family.

They Need to Change Their Ways

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According to OP, OP’s grandparents need to recognize that their behavior has consequences and that they must prioritize their family’s happiness over their image.

Reddit Users Agreement

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Many Reddit users agreed with the stance of OP. One wrote, “It’s harsh, but it’s true, and I think it’s long overdue…The grandparents have reaped what they have sown.”

Is OP right in calling out the grandparents? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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