She Has to Decide Between Leaving a Toxic Living Environment or Staying to Protect Her Younger Sisters

This is a Reddit story of a girl who is torn between staying with her family and moving out to escape a toxic environment.

She’s Still Young

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The original poster (OP), a 17-year-old, is planning to move out of her mother’s house in early August.

Planning to Leave Home

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She first planned to leave after graduating high school in January, but she postponed. She realized she could no longer endure the toxic environment at home.

She Looks After Her Sisters

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Her mother is a bartender who heavily relies on her to watch her two younger sisters, aged 3 and 6, throughout the day and when she goes to work at night.

Her Brothers Left When They Had the Chance

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OP shared that she has two older brothers, aged 20 and 18, who moved out after turning 18. They left as soon as they had the chance.

They’re Always Fighting

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OP’s mother has a pattern of picking fights with one of her children, typically the oldest in the house.

And once the older brothers moved out, OP became the target of these arguments.

However, she was only 15 at that time, and she couldn’t do anything.

She Doesn’t Pick Fights When She Needs Her

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Currently, her mother doesn’t pick fights with her, as she needs her to take care of the young girls.

She Tries Her Best

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OP tries her best to take care of her sisters. She doesn’t really know what she’s doing, though, but she responds to their needs. She’s trying her best.

Her Mother Avoids Responsibility

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Her mother often hides in her room and has OP watch the girls, as she has a short temper and gets mad after they do the smallest things.

She Asks for Help

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OP shares that when her sisters become overbearing, she asks her mother for help, but she avoids her and doesn’t help.

Her Mother Brushes Her Off

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Plus, OP says her mother is inconsistent with house chores.

When it’s her turn to do the dishes, she waits until she feels like doing them, while constantly nagging OP to get them done when it’s her turn.

The Mother Is Harsh

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Her mother complains to her daughter about many things.

She expects OP to take care of her younger sisters while she goes out with her friends and leaves her with the girls.

She Has Been Going Through a Lot

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OP has been going through a lot with her toxic mother, and things took a turn when OP had a breakdown.

She Had a Breakdown

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On the day before OP reached her breaking point, she had to clean up three very large messes made by her sisters throughout the day while her mother sat in her room.

She Plans to Move Out

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Later on, she brought up the idea of moving out before senior year, telling her mother that it’ll be easier on her and her friend she’s moving in with.

She also plans to take her two small dogs, aged 11 and 8, and one of their two kittens.

OP’s mother didn’t say much, and the mother changed the conversation every time she brought it up afterward.

She Is Worried About Her Sisters

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OP is now concerned about what will happen to her sisters after she leaves.

Her mother doesn’t try to spend any time with them or help teach them.

She’s worried that she’s in the wrong for leaving her little sisters in that situation, which could become potentially dangerous.

Community Support

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OP took to Reddit, and Redditors showered their support.

One Reddit user told OP to go and make her life good. The user said that OP can build a life for herself and then help her sister and that OP doesn’t have to cut contact completely but has to devise a plan.

So what do you think? What would you have done in this situation?

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