She Had Been Struggling to Improve Her Numbers at Work, but When She Finally Did They Accused Her of Hacking the System!

A woman took to Reddit in need of advice. She’s been accused of a crime by her boss and has nowhere to turn!

A Warehouse Employee

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The Original Poster (OP) is a middle-aged mother who has been working in a warehouse for a few years.

She’s responsible for meeting production number requirements, which are not always easy to achieve.

Recently she’s been having a lot of lousy number days.

She’s Struggling to Meet Her Targets

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Her job requires her to move around to different departments multiple times per day, making it harder to keep up with the required goals.

She has a nice supervisor who understood her struggles and talked with her a couple of weeks ago to discuss ways to improve her performance.

Her Supervisor Worked With Her to Devise a Plan

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OP was grateful for her supervisor’s support, and together they came up with a strategy that would help her achieve the required goals.

Her supervisor kept her in one department so she could focus on reaching the next level.

She Knew What She Needed to Do

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The two of them had a conversation at the supervisor’s desk on the floor, and OP felt like she had a clear understanding of what she needed to do to meet the targets.

She worked hard to implement the new strategy, and her efforts paid off after a week. However, nothing prepared her for what was to come.

Another Supervisor Appeared

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Yesterday her supervisor called her to the office. When she walked in, she was startled to see her nice supervisor and a mean supervisor she hardly ever saw.

OP immediately felt uneasy as this was very unusual.

She’d Done All They’d Planned

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The conversation started well enough, with the mean supervisor asking OP what she had been doing since her conversation with the nice supervisor to improve her numbers.

OP replied that she had stopped helping people (something that had got her in trouble in the past), stayed in her assigned area, and streamlined her process to get faster, just as she and her supervisor had agreed. But then things took an unexpected turn.

He Accused Her of a Crime

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The mean supervisor then accused OP of hacking the system to change her numbers, claiming that it was impossible for one person to have improved their numbers so much in such a short period of time!

She Didn’t Know What to Say!

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OP was utterly dumbfounded and could not believe what she was hearing. She had no idea how to hack a computer system and had obviously never done anything like that before!

They Were Both Against Her

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Sadly, her nice supervisor seemed suspicious of her and didn’t have her back in the meeting either.

She also asked OP if there was anything else she may have done to inflate her numbers!

She’d Worked Too Well

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The mean supervisor kept asking how she managed to achieve such a significant improvement in her numbers, even going as far as to say that her performance was “insanely over target.”

She Couldn’t Help But Cry

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OP was taken aback by the accusation and began to cry. She felt utterly betrayed by her employer, who was now questioning her integrity.

She tried to explain that she had not done anything wrong, but the mean supervisor continued to press her for answers.

The conversation quickly devolved into an argument, with OP offering to demonstrate how she had achieved the numbers and the mean supervisor repeatedly insisting that she had somehow hacked the system!

The Damage Was Done

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The nice supervisor tried to calm things down, but it was too late. Her supervisors had done the damage, and OP was left feeling hurt, confused, and betrayed.

She Couldn’t Process It

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As she returned to work, OP struggled to process what had just happened.

Her supervisors had accused her of a crime she didn’t commit, and she’s worried that this will have long-lasting consequences for her job.

She Was Furious and Frustrated

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She’s also angry – what’s the point in working hard if your actions get completely dismissed and discredited?

They have no proof, and she hasn’t done anything wrong; how dare they question her integrity!

She’s spent years working hard to build up a good reputation, only to have this mean supervising try and trash it!

She Had No Support

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Her nice supervisor tried to console her, but OP feels like she was on her own.

She’s got no union to protect her, and she isn’t sure how to defend herself against these baseless accusations.

Her Husband Was Mad on Her Behalf

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Her husband was also furious when she told him what had happened. He knows she’s not tech-savvy and has encouraged her to contact HR and possibly even an employment lawyer.

OP spent last night worrying about the situation and the implications it could have for her job. Today she contacted HR, but she couldn’t get through.

She left a message, hoping to get a meeting soon to discuss the situation.

Are They Trying to Force Her Out?

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Her biggest concern is whether this is part of an orchestrated campaign to force her out of the factory!

She loves and needs her job, so that would ruin her life. She’s in this terrible situation in which she’s scared to work hard, in case they use that as evidence for firing her! It’s so backward.

Employees Deserve Respect

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Her story highlights the importance of treating employees fairly and respectfully.

Accusations without proof can cause a lot of harm and destroy a person’s reputation.

Her situation also underscores the need for unions and employee protection. Without these protections, workers are vulnerable to unfair treatment and accusations!

She Doesn’t Know What to Do

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She needs help; she’s got no idea how to approach these allegations or even if she should get a lawyer involved. Hopefully, HR will reach out to her soon because this is a big accusation and could have a significant impact on her employability!

One Reddit user advised, “Do zero numbers on your next shift. Sit and put your feet up at your station. “For fear of being accused of a felony again, I’ve spoken to a lawyer who will be contacting the corporate Council on my behalf.”

What do you think OP should do here? Her employers have put her in a hard situation here, and there’s no obvious answer.

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