He Was Having an Affair, but She Found Out and So She Moved In With Him and His Mistress to Reclaim What Was Hers

A Reddit user recently revealed the elaborate means their best friend went to to get her own back on a cheating ex!

This woman had been with her boyfriend for three years, and they had a one-year-old daughter together. She was very close with her grandfather, but sadly he passed away, leaving her £25,000 in his will.

She and her boyfriend decided they would use that money to finally get on the property ladder – somewhere to call home, where they could raise their daughter.

Her boyfriend wasn’t a high earner, and couldn’t afford to save anything to help with the deposit, so they came up with a solution: she agreed to pay the £25,000 deposit, and he would pay the first two years of mortgage repayments to make their contribution equal. They got a joint mortgage, and he moved in.

Fast forward 18 months. The woman is at home, looking after her daughter, when the daughter asks, “where’s daddy’s friend?”

After some investigation, she found out that her boyfriend had been having an affair for about a year and was bringing this new lover to their house while she was at work.

On top of this, their child was at home and had frequently met the other woman.

This discovery devastated the woman, and she was incredibly angry. She packed a bag and left for her mother’s house with their daughter.

Looking back on it, she knows she should have kicked him to the curb, but at the time, she just wanted to leave the scene of her boyfriend’s affair.

She spent a few weeks at her mother’s, resting and recuperating, before the full reality of the situation set in. Immediately, she told her now ex-boyfriend that they had to sell the house because she wanted her investment of £25,000 back.

However, he refused, explaining to her that he’d already moved his new girlfriend in and that all she could do was “buy him out” of his half of the house.

Her ex hadn’t even stuck to his half of the bargain to pay the first two years of the mortgage; he paid for about 3-4 months, and then they split the bills. And now he wanted to live in the house they’d bought together, with the woman he’d cheated on her with.

On top of that, he threatened her, claiming she had no legal leg to stand on if she expected a bigger share of the house sale.

He said there was no documentation of her contribution to the deposit, and they had a joint mortgage, so he “was entitled to 50-50”.

This was too much for her. So she began plotting her revenge.

A week later, she had the day off and was waiting for her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend to leave the house for work.

When they left, she sprung into action – she’d hired a van, loaded it with furniture, and asked her family to help move it all into the house in the second bedroom, which used to be her daughter’s room.

Her ex and his new girlfriend couldn’t believe it when they walked in that evening to find her sitting on the sofa watching TV with their daughter. They “looked like their brains exploded.”

She lived in that house for a month with her ex and his new girlfriend, acting like they weren’t there.

She kept complete control of her temper the entire time and found herself enjoying keeping her calm when they were around, as she could tell it made them increasingly uncomfortable. 

Eventually, the awkwardness was too much for her ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend, and they gave in and moved out. She managed to win her house, and in effect, her £25,000 back, by giving her horrible ex the silent treatment.

Reddit user Sharp_Coat3797 responded to this tale, saying, “That is petty to such a level that it is evil. Her house, her name on the title, can’t be kicked out, not trespassing with nerves of steel…..I would not have been able manage it.”

Another user agreed, commenting, “She should have doubled down and put locks on all of the cupboards and refrigerator!”

Other Redditors echoed this sentiment. Longjumping_Bed2907 said, “Very legendary!” and notimefordumb agreed, “This is one of the best ones I’ve read hats off to your friend’s dedication.”

What do you think about the story? Do you think you would have dealt with this issue in a similar manner? What would you have done in her shoes?

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