She Felt Unsafe Returning to Her Childhood Home, so She Installed a Bedroom Door Lock, Her Stepdad Was Furious

A Reddit user explained on a thread why they have been locking their bedroom door while staying in their parents’ home.

Growing Apart

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The Original Poster (OP), a 24-year-old woman, revealed that, while initially, she had a good relationship with her stepdad, things became distant during her early teenage years. 

He Kicked Her Out!

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OP said that her stepdad had been inappropriate, but she couldn’t provide details as it might cause the post to get deleted.

Ultimately, he kicked her out of the house when she was five months shy of turning 16.

OP was lucky to have been enrolled in a boarding school at that time.

A Mother in Need

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OP shared that she would have never returned to the house if she had a choice. However, her mother was very unwell and required assistance with most tasks.

Due to her illness, she had to stop working, making it difficult to afford a nurse.

She Had to Move Back In

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Her stepdad stopped paying for all the bills around the time they kicked OP out and could not pay for her mother’s medical expenses or a nurse.

Given these circumstances, OP decided to move back in temporarily.

It Was the Only Option

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Firstly, she was her mother’s only family in the city and has a flexible schedule to help her.

Secondly, her stepdad works overseas and only visits home once every quarter, so they wouldn’t have to interact much.

Trying to Help Her Mom

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Her stepdad’s other children have also moved out; it is not just her stepdad’s house.

Her stepdad and her mother bought it together when they married.

OP believes that her mother deserves to have someone care for her, even if that person is not her stepdad’s favorite.

She Ran Out of Time

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OP said that the problem is that SD stores some of his belongings in OP’s childhood bedroom, including old chargers, infrequently used shoes, empty suitcases, and car items.

Unfortunately, her mother’s medical procedure is taking longer than anticipated, and her stepdad will return for his quarterly break on the 20th, making things hectic in the house.

He Stole Some of Her Belongings

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OP explained that when her stepdad arrived on his first day, she went grocery shopping and returned to find her bedroom in complete disarray.

Her stepdad had rummaged through everything, including OP’s bedding and clothing, and had even stolen OP’s diary and bedroom key.

She Was Very Worried

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OP expressed feeling incredibly uncomfortable as she was forced to sleep in a bedroom they couldn’t lock while under the same roof as her stepdad.

Putting on a New Lock

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OP shared that as soon as she received her paycheck, she installed a new lock on the bedroom door and returned all extra keys to their home.

The only remaining key now stays with OP at all times, and she makes sure to lock the door even if she leaves for a short period, such as to cook.

However, her stepdad quickly realized this and became furious.

He Was Very Upset!

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He confronted OP and claimed that the house was his, allowing him to set the rules.

He also accused OP of promoting “privacy propaganda” and suggested she take it back to her home.

Was OP in the Wrong?

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OP mentioned that they didn’t consider themselves a “bad guy” until she spoke to a friend about the situation.

The friend agreed with her stepdad, stating that it was his house, so he could keep his belongings wherever he wanted and retrieve them whenever he pleased.

Her Mother Sided With Her

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Although her mother believed that they did the right thing, OP questioned the validity of her opinion since she would likely take their side regardless of the situation.

With these considerations in mind, OP asked if she was in the wrong.

Reddit Community Weighs In

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Reddit users were overwhelmingly supportive of OP in this situation, with most agreeing that her stepdad is [the jerk] in this scenario.

Many people note that, even if it is technically his house, her stepdad has no right to go through OP’s belongings or invade their privacy in such a way.

Additionally, many commenters suggested that OP should prioritize her safety and well-being, even if it means no longer caring for her mother in his house.

Offering Solutions

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Some users suggest that her mother should move in with OP or that they should find a new living situation altogether.

Some also suggest taking legal action or speaking with her stepdad’s superiors, particularly if he is in the military.

Overall, the consensus is that her stepdad’s behavior is completely unacceptable and that OP has every right to prioritize their own safety and privacy in this situation.

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