She Cleverly Discovered Her Friend’s Nasty Trick Before It Was Too Late – She Had Given Her Hair Removal Cream Disguised as Conditioner

This woman’s story is crazy! She describes how her so-called “friend” put Nair, a body hair remover, in a bottle of conditioner and tried to get her to use it! Read on to find out more!

It Could Have Been a Nightmare Situation

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It was supposed to be a normal product recommendation between two friends, but it quickly became a nightmare for our storyteller!

A Nice Offer

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Her friend, Alice, recommended a deep conditioner that she had been loving. She gave the original poster (OP) the jar to try out for herself.

She was hesitant to spend money on a product she may not like, so she took Alice up on her offer.

It Smelt Awful

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OP did her usual hair-washing routine and researched the product before using it.

While the reviews were good, she noticed that people were raving about the smell.

However, the product she had smelled absolutely awful, like rotting food.

It Turned Out to Be a Trap!

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She thought something was amiss and did a patch test on her arm. After waiting a bit, she experienced a familiar tingle that most people would know if they’ve ever used hair removal cream.

The spot where she had applied the conditioner was now hairless!

Who Would Ever Do That?!

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She was shocked and upset. She didn’t want to blame Alice, but she had used the product before giving it to her, and OP was sure she would have noticed if her scalp had started tingling during her own use!

She Didn’t Know What to Say

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A texted OP, asking when she planned on using the conditioner since she had yet to mention washing her hair to Alice.

But OP didn’t know how to confront her about the incident, and with her birthday just two days away, she assumed Alice had been counting on her using the product before then.

She Tried to Bait Her Friend

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Instead of confronting Alice, OP decided to pretend like she had no idea what had happened.

She told her she was trying the product out with her mom and asked if it was supposed to smell weird.

Alice said it smelled fine to her and asked if she was still planning on using it.

Testing Her Reaction

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OP went radio silent for a while and then responded, telling Alice that she and her mother did a patch test on their arms, and the product had burned them! This was to see her reaction.

She told Alice that her mom was furious and wanted to file a complaint, and she started asking her where she got it from and did someone else do something to it.

Of Course, This Was Her Response!

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Alice’s response? She straight-up blocking – not just via text, but on all social media too!

Her Mom Was MAD

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OP didn’t press charges, but her mom, who used to be an officer, decided to involve the police!

She provided the jar, texts, and a written statement.

She also emailed Alice’s school with concerns for her roommates – if she’d done it to OP, she could try it with more people!

She Had No Clue What Her Motive Was

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She blocked Alice as well. OP had no idea what her motive was for giving her a product mixed with hair removal cream. When the police asked OP, she had no answers.

She made a group chat to inform their mutual friends, and they were also shocked and had no idea what Alice’s motive could have been.

The Next Twist

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The story doesn’t end there, though. According to a friend who kept OP filled in on what the police told her mom, Alice was at her parent’s house – who had no idea what was going on.

The police talked to her, and she seemed nervous throughout the interaction.

Her Parents Were Angry

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They informed her parents, who were shocked and angry, and they started grilling their daughter!

The police had to calm them down and tell them that OP was not pressing charges as she had only attempted the assault.

They told her parents it was not going to be serious – OP only wanted the police to talk to her and scare her a little, maybe scare her into getting some therapy.

But Then It Went Ballistic!

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But what happened next was crazy. OP isn’t sure what sparked everything off, but Alice ended up hitting an officer and resisting arrest, and the police eventually handcuffed her!

She wasn’t sure why it happened, but they had arrested Alice – OP hadn’t expected this outcome!

She Thinks Drugs Are to Blame

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OP was shocked at this turn of events. Alice had always been a good friend to her, and she couldn’t imagine where this behavior had come from.

She wondered if Alice had been using drugs or something.

Hopefully, She Gets the Help That She Needs

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Whatever the reason, it was clear that Alice was no longer the person she thought she knew. The police couldn’t give her any further information, but she told their mutual friends, and they would likely spread the word to anyone else who knew Alice.

All in all, it seems like our storyteller can be sure that Alice will leave her alone, at least while she’s in police custody. Hopefully, Alice gets the help that she needs.

What do you think about this intense story? It’s good that she never used the conditioner, as this story could have been far worse for our storyteller!

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