Revenge Masterclass: Step-Sister Tried To Upstage Bride To Be, This Is How To Do Revenge

A young woman took to Reddit’s “Petty Revenge” subthread, recalling the time she got revenge on her step-sister for trying to wear a wedding dress to her engagement party.

Step-Sisters Long-Running Feud  

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The original poster (OP) and her step-sister, H, have always been at odds with each other.

Father’s Infidelity The Cause

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They were born just 20 days apart, and their fathers’ infidelity created a rift between their mothers and a lifelong feud between the sisters.

Complicated Relationship 

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Their relationship has always been complicated. H has always sought to one-up OP, even though they come from a similar economic backgrounds.

Mothers Also Don’t See Eye-to-Eye

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The tension between their mothers has only added to the drama between the sisters.

Engagement Party Planned

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OP is getting married and is throwing an engagement party for all the guests, including H and H’s mother.

Insatiable Need to Upstage

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Getting engaged created additional static between the sisters because of H’s insatiable need always to upstage OP.

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Relationship Reaches Boiling Point

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Their relationship reached a boiling point when OP’s engagement party was approaching. 

Original Plan Was for a Casual-Formal Event

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OP had planned a casual-formal event, but when she found out about H’s plans to wear a stunning, opulent white dress, she was determined not to let her half-sister upstage her once again. 

Last-Minute Change to the Dress Code

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In a bold move, OP transformed the event into a costume party, inviting guests to dress in their wildest attire.

Message Relayed Via Father

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She relayed the message to her father via text and asked him to let H and her mother know of the last-minute changes. 

Low Chance of Him Remembering

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OP knew the likelihood of him remembering to tell them was slim, which was all part of her plan for revenge.

Guests Dressed in Colorful Costumes

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The guests arrived dressed in colorful costumes, festive hats, and wigs, adding to the lively atmosphere. 

Sister-in-law’s Grand Entrance

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H was nowhere to be seen until suddenly she made a grand entrance, dressed in her magnificent white gown. 

Taste of Her Own Medicine

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As soon as she realized she was the only one not in costume, she got immediately upset.

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Fiancé Stepped In

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It reached the tipping point when OP’s fiancé walked up to her and said, “her bride dress looked amazing for a cheap costume.” 

Broke Down

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She immediately broke down in tears, unable to handle the embarrassment.

Backlash From Family

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OP’s father and H’s mother scolded her for being childish, reminding her that she could have communicated the change of plans herself instead of relying on OP’s father to relay the message. 

Party Was a Great Success

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Despite the drama at the engagement party, OP and her fiancé celebrated their love surrounded by friends and family. 

Embarrassment Will Stay

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But the memory of H’s embarrassment will long be remembered, as the sisters’ long-standing feud reached new heights at the unforgettable engagement party.

In the end, OP ended up cutting off H, her father, and H’s mom over the incident, which she doesn’t regret. 

What Reddit Had to Say

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PaulFromAtlanta was impressed by OP’s fiance’s remark to Heather during the engagement party. He explained, “So he’s a keeper. Excellent petty revenge.” 

Dad is at Fault

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Another Redditor said, “And you aren’t being childish. You asked your dad to do something that shouldn’t have been difficult to do unless he has a brain injury. He’s the childish one for blaming you for his inability to relay a simple message. And for not babying the half sister.”

Don’t Let Her Attend

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One user warned, “For the love of all you hold sacred, DO NOT LET THIS GIRL ATTEND YOUR WEDDING.” 

What would you do? Would you change your engagement party for petty revenge? Who was being childish here?

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