He Told His Estranged Father’s New Wife Why They Didn’t Speak After Years Of Holding Back, Causing A Major Fallout

A Reddit user asked if they were in the wrong after causing a major family fallout.

A Broken Father/Son Relationship

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They asked the online community to share his story about his estranged father and ask for their thoughts.

He Blamed Him for Years

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OP, a 27-year-old man, shares the story of his difficult relationship with his father. OP’s mother died giving birth to him, which left his father devastated and blaming OP for her death. As a result, his father practically gave him up to his sister from the moment he was born.

The Son was Deeply Hurt

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As a child, OP felt hurt by his father’s disregard for him at family events, and as he got older, his father became more vocal about blaming him for his mother’s death.

This had a severe impact on OP’s mental health, and he often went to church crying because he was scared he would go to hell for “killing” his mother.

He Decided to Move On

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Despite his father’s mistreatment, OP never stopped trying to be accepted by him.

However, after his high school graduation, his father told him to never bother him again since he legally had no obligation to him.

From there, OP began to accept this reality and moved on with his life.

He Started a New Life

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OP’s aunt took care of him, and they maintain a close relationship.

However, she doesn’t talk about his father much. OP’s grandparents sometimes mention his father, and that’s how he found out that his father had gotten married.

They were upset that he wasn’t invited to the wedding, but to OP, it didn’t matter since he and his father were not close.

The Fateful Reunion

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However, his father’s new wife wanted to meet him, and he used this as an opportunity to try and reconcile.

During their meeting, his father played down the reason for their estrangement and suggested it was due to “petty reasons.”

OP felt angry that his father was lying about the real reason, which caused him so much pain and trauma.

The Explosive Truth

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When his father’s wife asked why they were estranged, OP told her the truth about how his father had mistreated him and never acted as a parent to him.

This revelation caused a major fallout, and OP’s family members were upset with him for potentially ruining his father’s marriage. They believe that OP went too far and that the truth could have been kept hidden.

Couldn’t Hold Back Any Longer

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However, OP felt that he couldn’t ignore what had happened to him, and he had to tell the truth.

While he isn’t sure if it was the right call, he couldn’t ignore what had happened to him for so many years.

Reddit Users Weigh In

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Many users agreed and commented that OP was right in his actions to tell his side of the story.

One user wrote “He should’ve gone to therapy after your mom died. He instead treated you poorly your whole life for something that could have never been your fault. Now he’s facing consequences beyond estrangement.”

10. What Do You Think?

What do you think? Was OP right in revealing the true nature of his relationship with his father?

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