His Deadbeat Sister Was the Source of All the Family’s Problems, and Their Parents’ Divorce, Was He a Jerk for Telling Her the Hard Truth?

This sad story of family drama comes straight from Reddit. A user wanted to know if he’d been a jerk when he told his sister that she was the reason their parents were divorcing.

Family Troubles

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The Original Poster (OP), 24 years old has a 26-year-old sister. Their parents (in their fifties) announced they were getting divorced about a month ago.

It came as quite a shock to most people, as they always seemed like the perfect couple. OP, however, knew the truth.

A Bad Apple

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OP revealed that it was because of his sister. He said she is a “deadbeat.”

She Got Kicked Out of College

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She was expelled from college five years ago after being found guilty of multiple acts of cheating and code of conduct violations!

OP said she hasn’t worked more than 14 hours a week since.

She Doesn’t Do Much

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Most days, all his sister does is sit at home, watching TV. Sometimes she goes to her boyfriend’s house to get high.

OP thinks that she feels no need to support herself and expects her parents to carry her through life.

Anger Issues

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She’s had anger issues as long as OP can remember and has been in therapy since she was 14. She started therapy after a teacher recommended it following trouble with fighting at school.

After that, at 16, she had a second bout of therapy because she’d threatened to self-harm.

She hasn’t been able to keep the same therapist for more than a year because she lies and misses appointments – an all-around lousy client!

His Diagnosis?

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Her parents have spent over a decade trying to get her diagnosed with a mental illness, but OP says all they’ve found is that she’s a “lazy narcissist!”

Enough Is Enough

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Last year his mom decided that enough was enough and planned to kick their daughter out and wash her hands of it.

His dad, however, disagreed, and in the end, it was their marriage that suffered.

Too Much Information?!

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OP knows his parent’s marriage was torn apart because of this.

Both of his parents had come to him, essentially admitting that if his sister were not a factor, then divorce would not even be a consideration.

That’s a lot to tell your son!

They’re Not on Great Terms

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OP doesn’t get along with his sister for a variety of reasons. He says she’s always been a bully and owes him a large sum of money.

What really infuriates him, though, is that he thinks she’s either oblivious to the situation between their parents or just doesn’t care!

She’s Quite Childish

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His sister had a literal tantrum when the possibility of selling the house came up because she didn’t want to move to an apartment with her dad.

An Awkward Situation Arose…

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Last night OP found himself at his parent’s house and had “the misfortune” of talking to his sister.

She Said What?!

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She mentioned that she’s getting sick of their mom’s “melodramatic trash” and that she’s annoyed her mom isn’t just leaving the house to their dad and her.

He Couldn’t Keep It In

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That comment pushed OP over the edge. He’s never been on good terms with her, but this really infuriated him.

Something struck him at that moment, and he asked her, “do you really not care that you’re a selfish, garbage, waste of space human that has driven her parents to get a divorce?”

She was shocked, as you would be!

He Told Her Everything

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But OP didn’t stop there. He told his sister the full, gory details.

He told her the truth: that she is, in fact, the only reason they’re getting a divorce – because his mom had realized “there is no hope you’ll ever grow up.”

The Fallout Was Nuclear

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The fallout from this was no joke. It caused a HUGE argument between OP, his sister, and his parents.

His sister was devastated and felt like her whole family had betrayed her!

Their parents, meanwhile, argued between themselves and OP.

Family Feud

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They were incensed that OP would reveal that to his sister – after all, they’d told him in complete confidence!

But they were also arguing, as his dad thought his sister deserved to know the truth, while his mother disagreed.

Loose Lips

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OP is worried because his sister cannot keep a secret. Apparently, the extended family has already begun to hear the rumors.

He posted on Reddit, hoping to find out if he was the jerk in this situation before opinions started forming outside of those involved.

Reddit Users React

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Reddit users were shocked by this guy’s sister’s behavior. They thought he was right for telling her the truth and that she needed some tough love.

They believed that OP had served his family by exposing the ugliness to the light and that they shouldn’t shoot the messenger.

One user said, “It’s pretty obvious she is the reason. I’m sure your mom will go low contact and that will be your sister’s answer. But if she is a narcissist then she won’t get it anyway.”

What do you think about this story? Should he have held his tongue and not said that to his sister?

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