She Refused to Accept Her Mother-In-Law’s Apology After She Was Called a Bad Mother at Her Baby Boy’s Funeral, Was She Wrong?

After refusing to attend an apology dinner organized by her mother-in-law, a Reddit user asked if she was in the wrong. Her family says it is time to move on, but she is not so sure.

A Woman Scorned

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Recently, a woman turned to Reddit to voice her frustration and seek reassurance after an emotional decision she made about her mother-in-law.

A Tragic Loss

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OP is a woman who lost her son to congenital heart disease. Her son did not survive the open heart surgery he underwent at the age of 1 year and 6 months.

She is still grieving for her son and misses him dearly. Her mother-in-law has always been a source of conflict for her, but things got worse during her son’s illness.

Mother-In-Law Makes Hurtful Comments

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Her mother-in-law would get involved in her son’s treatment and criticize every decision she made, claiming that she did not know how to handle her son’s illness.

They went low contact, but her mother-in-law would occasionally cause issues.

Funeral Gone Wrong

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At her son’s funeral, her mother-in-law caused a scene by arguing with her and blaming her for her son’s illness.

She accused her of not taking care of him properly and claimed that it was her fault that he was born sick.

She called her a bad mother in front of everyone, and OP’s mom and sisters had to ask her to leave. Her husband was sitting down crying.

Rumors Are Spread

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After the funeral, her mother-in-law spread rumors that OP kicked her out and convinced her husband to ban her from visiting her grandson’s grave.

Sending Out the Truth

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Her husband later sent an email to his side of the family, explaining her mother-in-law’s behavior during and after their son’s illness and saying that he would no longer be seeing her.

No One Believes Him

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However, their family criticized them and said that the mother-in-law was just trying to do what was best for her grandbaby, and called them selfish for assuming they were the only ones struggling with the tragedy.

A New Beginning?

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OP is now 3 months pregnant, but only her sister-in-law knows.

Word got out, and her mother-in-law’s family members invited her to a dinner hosted by her mother-in-law to apologize and settle the issue before the baby’s birth.

They claimed that the mother-in-law was regretful and offered to financially provide for her grandbaby.

A Declined Invitation

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However, OP refused to go, while her husband surprisingly wants her to attend.

Her sisters think that her mother-in-law’s change of heart is probably for the new baby, but OP still refuses to attend the dinner because she cannot forget the hurtful words her mother-in-law said at her son’s funeral.

Reddit Users Agree

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Many comments came in about the situation. Many agreed with OP and her decision not to attend the dinner provided by the MIL.

One user went on to say “The fact that you survived losing your child and survived the vitriol your MIL sent your way is a testament to how strong you are.”.

What would you have done in this scenario? Would you have gone to the dinner?

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