Outrage Over History Cartoons: PragerU’s Controversial Depictions of Slavery and BLM Sparks Debate

A series of educational cartoons have left viewers concerned, featured in PragerU’s ‘Leo and Layla’s History Adventures’, retelling America’s historical moments in a controversial fashion with one video even referring to slavery as a “compromise.”

History Rewritten in Shocking Fashion

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PragerU’s ‘edu-tainment’ cartoons have ignited a storm of controversy with their bold retelling of historical stories.

‘Leo and Layla’s History Adventures’ 

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The controversial cartoons are part of this PragerU series, where fictional characters interact with historical figures.

PragerU’s Shocking Teaching 

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A partnership between PragerU and Florida has sparked shock as the organization’s cartoons display disturbing and insensitive views on important topics including race and slavery.

Disturbing Messages Revealed

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The ‘edu-tainment’ content suggested that slavery was a “compromise” and downplayed its severity. It also portrayed Native Americans as “far-from peaceful.”

A Concerning Link

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The cartoons also attempt to link Black Lives Matter to increased crime rates, an extremely worrying take on a sensitive situation.

Time Travel 

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One clip features Leo and Layla, two fictional children, traveling back in time to meet Christopher Columbus.

Columbus Day Controversy 

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The episode coincides with Columbus Day, which has evolved into Indigenous Peoples’ Day to honor native cultures instead of celebrating Columbus.

Columbus’ Shocking Claims

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Columbus tells Leo and Layla that the Americas, “wasn’t exactly a paradise of a civilization,” and that the Native American’s were, “far from peaceful.”

These Slavery Quotes Will Turn Your Stomach

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Columbus goes on to call certain Native Americans “Cannibals,” before justifying slavery, “Being taken as a slave is better than being killed – no?”

DeSantis’ Controversial Moves 

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The partnership between PragerU and Florida aligns with Governor Ron DeSantis’s views on how American children should be taught.

Censorship and Restriction 

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DeSantis’ measures include banning certain books, limiting reproductive health and gender identity education, and attempting to block African American studies courses.

Propaganda Accusations Fly-In

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After the partnership announcement, the educational content sparked criticism online.

Numerous individuals labeled the content as “propaganda” and raised concerns about its accuracy.

Newsom’s Strong Reaction 

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California Governor Gavin Newsom condemned the content, “This is the kind of propaganda DeSantis and his friends at PragerU are teaching our children.”

Unveiling Another Scandalous Claim

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David Heath criticized one episode: “Frederick Douglass takes a dig at BLM while praising the founding fathers as abolitionists and calling the Constitution a ‘glorious liberty document’.”

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