Neighbor Fights for Community Standards in Trash Standoff: Protecting the Neighborhood or Going Too Far?

Have you ever had a neighbor who just couldn’t mind their own business? In today’s story, Ella dealt with a neighbor who thought they could dictate her trash habits. But when the neighbor took it too far, Ella decided to take matters into her own hands. How do you think Ella got her revenge? Keep reading to find out.

A Great House for Rent

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Ella and her husband along with their two friends had found a decent deal on a five-bedroom house to rent. Considering how expensive the area was, it was a great find. 

But It Wasn’t Perfect

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They soon discovered that their next-door neighbors had nine people living in their own five-bedroom house, and chaos was the norm. 

Her Nightmare Neighbor

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Ella had always been a responsible person. She was the type of neighbor who always tried to maintain good relations with those around her. However, her new next-door neighbors were soon to be an exception.

They Were Messy

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They were always making noise and never seemed to take care of their trash, which often ended up in Ella’s yard.

She Ignored It

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But One Day They Went Too Far

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One day, Ella’s neighbor went too far. They approached her in a rage, shouting at her for not putting out her trash early enough.

It was a couple of weeks ago, and Ella and her husband were both sick with COVID. 

What a Tragedy(!)

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She had forgotten to put out the trash at 7 AM, the usual time for the trash company to come and pick it up.

But it was only 9 AM, and the trash company hadn’t even arrived yet.

He Was So Angry Over Such a Small Thing

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Ella tried to explain the situation to her neighbor, but he wouldn’t listen. He insisted that the rules were the rules, and if she didn’t put out her trash on time, she wouldn’t get it picked up that week.

Calm Down Neighbors!

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Ella was frustrated but didn’t say anything. She went back inside to rest, hoping that her neighbor would calm down and that the situation would resolve itself.

He’d Done What?!

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However, when Ella got up a couple of hours later, she was shocked to find that her trash can was gone. It was still full of trash, and someone had moved it to the side of the house.

Trashy Neighbor

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Ella was confused and angry. She knew that her neighbor had taken it, but she didn’t understand why he would do something like that.

Strange Behavior

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The next day, Ella’s other neighbor approached her and told her that she had seen the whole thing. Apparently, the neighbor had come over and taken the trash can without even asking.

She Couldn’t Believe It!

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He had then put it back on the side of the house, even though it was still full of trash. Ella couldn’t believe it. How dare he touch her property like that?

She Had to Have Her Revenge

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It was at this point that Ella decided to take matters into her own hands. She knew that her neighbor was very proud of his last name, and she had seen the flag with his name in the front window of his house.

So, she came up with a plan to get her revenge. 

Devious Plotting

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She called the trash company and identified herself as Mrs. Soandso, her neighbor’s last name. She told them that she needed to set up a vacation hold for their upcoming pickup.

They Didn’t Question Her

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They didn’t ask for any other information, and she was able to set it up easily.

Revenge Was Sweet

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The next week, Ella made sure to put her trash out at 6:45 AM, fifteen minutes before the usual pickup time. She sat and watched as the trash truck drove by her neighbor’s house without even stopping.

Petty. But a Good Move

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They picked up Ella’s trash and a few other neighbors’ trash but left her neighbor’s trash behind! It was a petty move, but it felt good to get her revenge.

A Small, Petty Win

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Ella knew that she had crossed a line, but she didn’t care. Her neighbor had crossed a line, too, by touching her property and moving her trash can.


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It was a small victory, but it made her feel like she had taken back some control. From that day on, her neighbor never said a word to her again, and she never had to deal with their overflowing trash cans again.

She Was Satisfied

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Redditors loved Ella’s story. One user said, “Genius!! I know others are saying they would have dumped their trash on the neighbor’s yard, but honestly, an all-out war isn’t smart. But this hard-to-trace, evil plotting was truly inspired.”

Satisfaction Reigns

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Ella’s petty revenge may not have been the most mature way to handle the situation, but it’s hard to deny the satisfaction she must have felt seeing her neighbor’s overflowing trash go uncollected.

Neighborly Relationships

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It’s important to remember that communication and compromise are key in any neighborly relationship, but sometimes a little bit of revenge can feel oh so sweet.

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