Incensed Mom Finds Kids’ Toy Making Unacceptable and Offensive Jokes About Priests

A mom took to TikTok to express her horror after discovering a children’s toy that makes an inappropriate joke about priests and

Not For Kids

Ashley Lynn said that the toy was a gift from her grandmother to her son. The toy seemed harmless at first, but then she overheard some of the “jokes” the toy claims it makes.

@mommabearash This momma is not happy!! #wrong #notcool #wtf @Walmart #share #warning #donotbuy ♬ original sound – Ashley Lynn

She said she was first tipped off when she overheard a questionable joke about a drive-by shooting.

She immediately picked up the toy and began pressing other buttons to see what else it had to say.

She was blown away by how inappropriate the jokes turned out to be.

“How many Catholic priests are required to screw a lightbulb into its socket? Two, one to do the screwing and one to hear the confession.”

“You’ll never guess what makes a clip clop, clip clop, bang bang, clip clop, clip clop, bang bang?” the toy said. “An Amish drive-by shooting.”

The toy, which is sold at Walmart, is advertised for babies and children. Lynn believes the toy is highly inappropriate for children of any age.

“What, what! A kids’ toy. There’s a baby on the box,” she said. “Sold at Walmart. Walmart, explain this!”

Corporate Responds

Lynn said that she was able to get ahold of the toy company, Linsay.

“I emailed Linsay toy brand and pretty much just said, ‘Hey, my son got this for Christmas. Here’s a picture of the toy, it’s extremely inappropriate. What are you going to do about it?'”

The brand reportedly got back to her quickly. They said they had opened an investigation into the toy and would be pulling it from shelves.

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