His Manager Was a Stickler for the Rules, so He Decided to Follow Her Rules to the Extreme

Meet Bobby, a skilled cook with a mischievous streak and a knack for turning mundane tasks into acts of rebellion. In this tale of culinary prowess and playful defiance, Bobby takes on an unsuspecting manager and their rigid rice-rinsing rule.

The Fast-Casual Restaurant

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Let’s go back in time to when Bobby was a cook at a popular fast-casual restaurant. The joint was known for its massive burritos and the infamous extra charge for guacamole.

With an understaffed kitchen, Bobby had to work extra hard to keep up with the influx of customers.

Management was understanding, and they often allowed the staff to cut corners to ensure speedy service.

The Mysterious Rice-Rinsing Rule

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One of the rules in the kitchen was to “rinse the raw rice three times until the water runs clear.” That rule seemed a bit vague to Bobby. How clear is clear? Should the water run clear after three rinses, or should it be clear at least once during the three rinses?

It was a mystery, but Bobby didn’t bother asking. In practice, they usually gave the rice a quick rinse or two before tossing it into the cooker. As long as the customers were happy and the rice never ran out, nobody complained or cared about the number of rinses.

A Change in Approach

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But then came the fateful day when Miss Manager decided to enforce every single rule to the letter. No exceptions. Why? Bobby couldn’t figure it out.

She knew the individual tasks in the kitchen, but she lacked the expertise to do the tasks at lightning speed without burning anything.

Bobby, on the other hand, had mastered the art of juggling multiple tasks and knew precisely which corners to cut.

Bobby’s Nonchalant Response

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As Bobby was preparing for a busy shift, the kitchen hadn’t yet reached full throttle, and Miss Manager approached him. “Make sure to rinse the rice until the water runs clear,” she said sternly. Bobby looked at her and replied casually, “I always do.”

They both knew he was lying, but they also knew why. Properly rinsing the rice would take longer, and in this restaurant, running out of rice was the worst nightmare for any manager.

Miss Manager had a chance to let it slide, but she didn’t.

Rinsing Inspection

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“Mister Cook, I know you don’t follow that rule. Keep rinsing the rice until the water runs clear, and before you put it in the cooker, find me and show me,” she commanded. 

Bobby’s Determined Compliance

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Bobby maintained a straight face and responded, “Keep rinsing the rice until the water runs clear. Got it.”

The Endless Rinsing

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And so, Bobby embarked on his mission. He filled the pot with water, agitated the rice, and removed the perforated part of the pot, letting the cloudy water flow out.

After three rinses, the water still resembled watered-down milk. Bobby looked up, and there she was, Miss Manager, observing his every move.

Without uttering a word, she asked, “Does that water look clear to you?” It was a rhetorical question, of course. Bobby understood the game. He resumed rinsing, determined to comply with her demand.

Neglected Duties

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Time passed, and Bobby kept counting the rinses. The long grains of rice started to break apart, turning the pot into a mushy mixture of white rice.

While Bobby was stuck on this senseless task, other crucial kitchen duties fell behind schedule. Finally, Miss Manager made another appearance in the kitchen.

Bobby’s Splashy Revelation

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“You’re still rinsing rice?” she exclaimed. The timing was everything. Bobby swiftly dumped out the water in front of her and asked, “Does that water look clear to you?”

As the water splashed into the sink, she quietly murmured, “No.” Bobby stepped away, letting the gravity of the situation sink in.

Caught in a Bind

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“How many times do you think I’ve rinsed this rice?” Bobby inquired. “Seven?” she ventured a guess.

“No, try thirty-seven,” Bobby revealed with a mischievous grin. He wasn’t joking. “I have rinsed this rice thirty-seven times, and the water still doesn’t meet your satisfaction. Should I continue?”

Miss Manager’s Dilemma

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Caught off guard by the sheer determination and commitment Bobby had shown, Miss Manager found herself in a bind.

On the one hand, she couldn’t tell him to keep going, as he had pulverized the rice into something resembling grits.

On the other hand, she couldn’t instruct him to stop rinsing either, as that would mean going against her sacred rice-rinsing commandment.

Moreover, she couldn’t afford to fire Bobby, because the entire day’s operation relied on his expertise in the kitchen.

Acknowledging Defeat

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After a moment of thought, Miss Manager relented.

“Fine,” she sighed, acknowledging defeat. “Get back in there and make sure we’re ready when it’s time to open.”

Culinary Skills and Power

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Bobby couldn’t help but chuckle to himself as he resumed his duties in the bustling kitchen. In this little battle of wills, he had emerged victorious.

He had successfully showcased his malicious compliance, proving a point to Miss Manager and the entire kitchen staff. 

Resuming Duties

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As the smell of sizzling burritos filled the air, Bobby knew that his culinary skills were vital, and he relished knowing that he held a certain power within the restaurant’s operations.

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you had to navigate a fine line between following the rules and exercising your own judgment?

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