“Learn When to Shut Up!” Her Black Boyfriend Reprimands Her for Defending Racist Behavior

A young man sparked outrage on Reddit after he told his girlfriend she needed to learn when to shut her mouth…but the context of the situation is what really got blood boiling. Here is the full story.

They Have Different Backgrounds

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OP is a 24-year-old black man who has been dating his 23-year-old white girlfriend for about five months.

Grandma Wants to Meet Her 

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Every other month, OP’s grandmother hosts a big family dinner at her house. Recently, she has been prodding OP to bring his girlfriend to one of the get-togethers so that everyone could meet her.

It Was a Big Milestone 

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With a few months under their belt, OP agreed it was time, so he and his girlfriend headed to one of his grandmother’s parties.

He Was Ready to Play

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Everything was going fine, and OP’s girlfriend was getting along well with his family.

After they’d been there awhile, OP decided to jump into a Monopoly game with his 7-year-old niece and some of the other kids in the family.

His Two Girls Were Together

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OP’s girlfriend tagged along to watch the kids and her boyfriend play.

He was pretty happy about the situation because he adores his niece and thought it was great to have her and his girlfriend together.

He Wanted to Be Rich 

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At some point during the Monopoly game, one of the boys playing said that he was trying to collect all the $500 bills so he could be rich.

She Wasn’t Allowed

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That’s when OP’s niece shocked everyone by saying that she could never be rich because she was black, only she used a racial epithet. OP couldn’t believe his ears!

It Was a Racist Kid 

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So OP asked his niece where she had heard that nonsense, and she said someone at school had told her. During career day, the niece had said she wanted to be a rich president, and a bully cut her down right away.

She Was Devastated 

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Of course, OP told his niece that wasn’t true and hugged her. But the little girl was upset and started crying.

He Was Just Confused

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That’s when OP’s girlfriend jumped in and said that the kid at school wasn’t trying to be mean but was probably just confused.

She even told his niece that the best thing to do was to forgive the bully.

She Wouldn’t Butt Out

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OP told his girlfriend that she should stop trying to justify the racist behavior of the kid at school, but she wasn’t done.

Just Be Nice

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OP’s girlfriend shushed him and then went on to tell his niece that she should be nice to all the kids at school.

Her parting line of advice was that kindness goes both ways.

She Needed to Shut It

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That was the last straw for OP, and he pulled his girlfriend aside to have a word with her. He told her she needed to “learn when to shut up”

She Had Stats and Everything

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That made his girlfriend angry, but she wasn’t quite done. She told OP that statistics backed up her position and actually tried to make an argument to justify what she had said!

He Kicked Her Out

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At that point, OP could hardly see straight, and he told his girlfriend to get out of his grandmother’s house.

The girl had driven him there, but he said he’d get a ride home with his brother.

They All Turned on Him

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The next morning, tensions were still high between OP and his girlfriend, and her family got in on the act.

Her sisters blew up his phone, calling him abusive and controlling!

She Was Way Out of Line

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OP admits that his words were harsh, but he felt like he needed to put a stop to his girlfriend’s outrageous and hurtful speech.

She was making his niece feel worse than she already did, and even worse, she was supporting racist behavior

Does He Even Want to Stay Together?

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Now OP doesn’t know if he can be in a relationship with a woman who would speak and act the way his girlfriend did.

It’s Never Okay to Excuse Racism

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Many commenters say that his girlfriend really needs to grow up, and some of them don’t know if the relationship has any hopes of lasting.

Several of them point out that it’s never OK to downplay racism and think that OP is in for a bumpy road at best if he stays with his girlfriend.

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