His Landlord Refused to Fix His Boiler, so He Paid to Fix It…and Then the Landlord Tried to Sue Him!

Prepare yourself for a tale of frozen nights, unexpected repairs, and a clever twist that would change the balance of power. This is the story of Javi and his memorable quest for payback.

Dealing with an Absentee Landlord

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Javi’s tale of petty revenge still brings a mischievous glint to his eyes, even after a decade has passed.

Renting a house under the care of an absentee landlord and a lawyer who oozed douchiness wasn’t exactly an ideal situation, but Javi knew how to play the game. 

The Defective Boiler

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It all started during a bone-chilling winter, when the boiler decided to give up on its duty of keeping the house warm.

Frustratingly, the calls to the landlord’s brother, who was responsible for maintenance, went unanswered, and Javi found himself enduring freezing temperatures and an ever-growing irritation.

Javi Calls in an Engineer

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But Javi wasn’t one to back down easily. Determined to regain his comfort and sanity, he took matters into his own hands and called in an engineer.

With no response from the brother, Javi had no choice but to foot the bill for the repair.

The engineer swiftly diagnosed the problem – a worn-out motor – and efficiently replaced it, leaving Javi with a hefty bill.

However, rather than accepting defeat, Javi texted the brother, notifying him of the successful repair.

The Battle Begins

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Days turned into weeks, and finally, a response arrived. But it wasn’t the apology Javi had hoped for.

Instead, it was the lawyer, representing the distant landlord, who entered the picture, with a brick wall’s resistance and an unsympathetic demeanor.

Accusations were flung at Javi, claiming that he had violated the tenancy agreement. The lawyer’s words struck a nerve, igniting a fire within Javi’s determined spirit.

A Mischievous Plan Takes Shape

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With resentment simmering in his veins, Javi contemplated his next move. Then, like a stroke of genius, a mischievous plan hatched in his mind.

The engineer’s bill lay before him, a piece of evidence bearing Javi’s name, phone number, and signature. It was the key to his revenge.

Patiently waiting for the opportune moment, Javi plotted his grand scheme.

Timing and Patience

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Eight long months passed, and finally, the tenancy agreement reached its expiration date.

Javi bid farewell to his icy dwelling, a plan of action firmly ingrained in his mind. 

Executing the Plan

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Before his departure, he made a secret call to the same engineer who had previously come to his rescue. He requested the removal of the motor from the boiler.

Curiosity piqued, the engineer questioned Javi’s motive, but Javi cleverly danced around the subject, persuading the engineer to comply with a generous sum of cash.

The cost may have strained Javi’s wallet, but the impending satisfaction was worth every penny.

The Final Inspection

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As the next day dawned, Javi meticulously ensured that every corner of the property was spotless, leaving no trace of his presence except for one significant absence – the motor from the boiler. 

Triumph and the Return of the Security Deposit

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The brother arrived for the final inspection, his cursory glance verifying that there was no noticeable damage. Keys exchanged hands, and Javi felt a surge of triumph coursing through his veins.

Little did the brother know that a critical component was missing from his precious boiler. After all, why would he suspect foul play when Javi had left the property in impeccable condition?

The security deposit found it’s way back into Javi’s account, a final stroke of fortune.

The Lawyer’s Discovery

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Months passed, and just as Javi was beginning to relish the memories of his victorious retaliation, a text message from the landlord’s brother jolted him back into the present.

Intrigued, Javi innocently confirmed that the boiler had been in perfect working order upon his departure. The response never came. Instead, a furious phone call from the lawyer, his anger intense!

The lawyer’s rage erupted as he questioned the absence of the motor. Unfazed, Javi coolly admitted to its removal and promptly ended the call, instructing the seething lawyer to put his grievances in writing.

A long, intimidating email promptly landed in Javi’s inbox, brimming with threats of legal action. 

Mic Drop Moment

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Undeterred, Javi decided to savor the lawyer’s misery a little longer, delaying his response for an extra day.

Finally, he typed a concise reply:

“Dear Lawyer,

Thank you for your email.

Please find attached a document that proves that the boiler motor in question is my own personal property.

I recommend you put this all down as a lesson learned and move on.

Sincerely, Javi”

Attached to the email was the original bill from the engineer, serving as the ultimate mic drop moment! Javi hit send, a wide grin spreading across his face.

Empty Threats and a Defeated Foe

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And just like that, silence prevailed. The lawyer retreated, defeated, leaving Javi with the last laugh.

To this day, the lawyer’s words remain nothing more than empty threats. 

Lessons in Taking Action

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He doesn’t know for certain whether his actions were legal, but the satisfaction he got from making the landlord and his lawyer pay for their negligence was immeasurable. It was a victory earned through cunning and perseverance.

Assessing the Worth of Revenge

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Javi’s tale of petty revenge serves as a reminder that sometimes, in the face of injustice, taking matters into your own hands can yield the most satisfying results.

And while the cost may have been a few extra coins from his pocket, the priceless feeling of triumph made it all worthwhile.

Do you think Javi’s calculated act was worth the risk? What would you have done in his situation?

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