Is She a Jerk for Saying No Wedding Until His Teeth Are Straight Since She Doesn’t Want His “Bad Teeth” in the Photos

A woman recently posted on Reddit asking if she was in the wrong for pushing their wedding date back because of her fiance’s adult braces. 

The original poster (OP) is getting married, and like any woman, she wants her special day to be perfect. She’s nervous the photos won’t be nice to look at because her fiance has braces.

She asked, “Did you ever see a groom wear braces in his wedding photos? I don’t think so.” 

Childhood Fears Coming to Life

Her fiance is 25 years old and has finally gathered the courage to get braces. 

When the fiance was a child, he was afraid he would be bullied and ridiculed for having braces, so he always avoided them. 

OP explained that her fiance had spent his entire childhood with crooked teeth because he was afraid of what others would think.

The fiance has had to face his fears as an adult and get braces. The dentist said he could only get the necessary dental work done once they fixed his crooked teeth, so he was left with no other choice. 

She Says the Braces Will Ruin the Photos

OP says she has nothing against his braces and encouraged him to “fix his bad teeth,” but she refuses to have wedding photos with a groom who has braces. 

OP wants the photos they take to be “esthetically pleasing” and wants to postpone their wedding date because of them. She expected her fiance to be understanding.

When OP mentioned her concerns to her fiance, she did not get the expected reaction. 

Should He Have Paid Extra for Invisible Braces?

He was blindsided and immediately became upset with her. OP explained her fiance accused her of being ashamed of him and called her shallow for even caring about something like this. OP told him he could have avoided this altogether if he had just got invisible braces. 

The fiance told her he didn’t want to spend excessive money on his braces because he wanted to save as much money as possible for the wedding and honeymoon. 

He added that he didn’t think she would be bothered about whether he had braces or not. 

Unexpected Ultimatum

OP said that by this point, her fiance was fed up. He told her that if she postponed the wedding because of his braces, they might as well call it off altogether. 

He said he’s not willing to marry someone who cares so much for something as trivial as the “esthetics” of wedding photos.

Reddit Responds

OP said he’s being very unfair, but the users of Reddit overwhelmingly disagree. 

One user said, “He should postpone the wedding until you mature.” Another says, “I wouldn’t blame the fiance if he eventually walks away. OP seems to value having pretty pictures more than starting her marriage.” 

They cannot believe she’s putting him through this. Another Redditor added, “This poor guy avoided getting braces because he was afraid of being bullied, and here he is, being bullied by his own fiancée because of aesthetics.”

Is the demand for perfect photos ruining what’s important? Is this the perfect example of a red flag? Is she in the wrong? What would you do?

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