Is She Wrong For Not Wanting To Share Her Grandparents Inheritance With Her “Cousins” Despite The Conflict It’s Caused

The passing of a Reddit user’s grandparents has left them with a dilemma. The grandparents gifted them a sizable inheritance, but their cousins weren’t given anything.

The cousins aren’t biological grandchildren; they’re stepcousins to the Reddit user, leaving them with a dilemma. Should they share what they’ve been left with these family members?

Grandparents’ House Sale and Biological Grandchildren

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OP’s grandparents had always planned to sell their house and split the money among their grandchildren.

They have three children: OP’s dad, aunt, and uncle, but only OP and her sister are their biological grandchildren.

Stepcousins Make Little Effort

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OP’s uncle got married three years ago, and his wife has three children from a previous relationship. Her children have made little effort to be a part of the family, and OP has never even met them.

Money is Given to Grandchildren

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Recently, the grandparents sold their house, and OP and her sister each received about $250,000.

Grandchildren Plan to Use Their Gift Wisely

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This money will be put to good use, with OP and her husband planning to use the money as a down payment on a larger house and to build their savings.

Meanwhile, OP’s sister plans to pay off her student loans and save the rest.

Stepmother Wants Money for Her Kids

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However, OP’s uncle called her to say that his wife is upset because her children were not included in the distribution.

She Believes the Money Belongs to Them

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She believes that her children are also entitled to a share of the money since they are now considered the grandparents’ grandchildren.

Grandparents Hand Off Decision

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The grandparents have left it up to the grandchildren to decide whether or not to share the money with the stepcousins.

OP Can’t Decide What to Do

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OP is torn between her gratitude to her grandparents and her sense of fairness.

She Wants to be Fair

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She understands that her grandparents wanted to distribute their wealth to their biological grandchildren, but she also recognizes that M’s children are technically her grandparents’ grandchildren as well.

Stepcousins Haven’t Made an Effort

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However, the fact that the stepcousins have made little effort to be a part of the family makes it difficult for OP to decide what to do.

Difficult Conversation

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OP may consider having a frank conversation with her uncle’s wife to explain the situation and gauge her reaction.

Does She Understand?

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If she is understanding and appreciates the thoughtfulness of the gesture, then OP may feel more inclined to share the money with her children.

OP May Decide to Keep the Money

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However, if the uncle’s wife is still insistent that her children deserve a share, despite their lack of effort in building a relationship with the grandparents, then OP may feel more comfortable keeping the money within the biological family.

Reddit Users Weigh In

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Many Reddit users agreed with OP’s stance. One wrote “They didn’t want anything to do with the grandparents until there was money involved…This is literally the consequences of their own actions, or inactions as it were, nothing more.”

A highly popular comment simply said “While these are related by marriage, they are not an integral part of your relationship with you or your grandparents, whose decision it was to give the money to you. They aren’t owed anything.”

What Do You Think?

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Is OP right to keep the money? Should she share the wealth with her stepcousins? What would you do?

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