Is She Wrong for High-Fiving a Stranger Who ‘Humiliated’ Her Boyfriend?

A Reddit user tells her story of congratulating a stranger who her boyfriend felt had “humiliated” him.

Unnecessarily Judgmental

The original poster (OP) said that she and her boyfriend regularly go to a climbing gym. Her boyfriend is really into it, and she just started. She said that her boyfriend is very judgmental of beginners and is “stupidly competitive.” OP says this makes her feel self-conscious because she is also a beginner.

She said that the night previous, they were at the gym, and her boyfriend was attempting a V6. There were around six people taking turns because it was a newly installed route, and everyone was failing. OP said that there was one girl who came and succeeded, though. According to OP, she made it look easy, but she didn’t hold the last hold for five seconds, and her boyfriend called the girl out when she was done.

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Hilarious Comeback

OP’s boyfriend said that holding the last hold for five seconds is supposed to be the “right way” of finishing the route, but OP said she made it look so easy that she definitely could have. OP thinks her boyfriend was just butthurt that she was able to do it, and he wasn’t. The girl laughed and told OP’s boyfriend that he couldn’t even start the route correctly and then walked off.

OP gave the girl a high-five because she was walking toward her and had done an amazing job on the route. The girl was surprised but reciprocated the high-five. OP’s boyfriend apparently turned to her and gave her an incredulous look, and refused to speak to her the rest of the night. When they were on their way home, he said that OP “couldn’t be trusted to watch his back” since she took a stranger’s side over his.

OP was surprised that that was what he took from the situation and told him that he shouldn’t have criticized the girl when she clearly executed the climb correctly. OP’s boyfriend got even more irritated and said that she is supposed to take his side over people she doesn’t know.

Was OP right to congratulate the girl? Should OP’s boyfriend have made the comment to the girl about holding on for an extra five seconds? How would you have reacted in this situation?

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