Is He Wrong for Not Cleaning the Store When He’s Literally Just a Cashier?

It is no secret that retail workers are often asked to do more than what their job description outlines. Here, a 25-year-old cashier took to Reddit, as he is facing the dilemma of whether or not to go above and beyond his job description.

He Works for $10 an Hour

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The original poster (OP) explains that he recently started working at a clothing store and sees his role as “clock in/out on time.”

He takes his legally mandated breaks, and he isn’t bothered to bend over backward for a mere $10 an hour.

The Application Says Nothing About Cleaning 

He also states that he was hired as a cashier, and that his application said nothing about cleaning.

Boss Asks Him to Sweep

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But when his 30-year-old boss asked him to sweep around his register on a slow day, he was reluctant to do so.

Later, OP informed his boss that the application did not include cleaning and that he had been recruited as a cashier.

His Boss Was Furious

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“I didn’t hire you to do nothing all day,” the boss replied.

OP’s boss further stated that when there are no customers, he shouldn’t have to beg OP to find something to do, and to look around for activities.

Boss Says to Clean the Restrooms

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The Boss has said to clean the restrooms, put away the laundry, or arrange the aisles when OP has nothing else to do.

Then OP replied “Okay. What then shall I do?” And the boss replied, “Do what I ordered you to do, sweep.”

He Agreed

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OP reluctantly agreed to sweep the store despite it being outside of his job description.

He Feels the Job Doesn’t Pay Him Enough

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OP mentions that he is only making $10 an hour and feels that he should not have to give 100% to a job that does not pay him what he feels he should be making.

The Unexpected Meeting

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Now, the OP, his boss, and the store owner are meeting tomorrow morning thirty minutes before his shift.

It’s a Big Meeting

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OP’s boss has sent emails to both the store owner and OP in the same email.

OP’s boss’s boss has said “Any questions will be answered in person,” in response to OP’s inquiry about whether he could clock in later.

He Should Come in Time

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The store owner mentioned in the email to arrive promptly and on schedule, and not even a minute late.

OP still believes that he shouldn’t be required to give all to a job that only pays him 50% of what he is entitled to.

Redditors Voice Their Disapproval

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The Reddit community surprisingly didn’t side with OP, and shared their thoughts.

One Reddit user said that OP reeked of entitlement and asked why the boss should pay him to “literally stand there and do nothing? That’s ridiculous.”

A Redditor Jokes He Is Going to Get Fired

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Another Redditor jokingly added that this won’t be a problem, as OP’s clearly about to get fired.

This Redditor doesn’t see being asked to do a little sweeping, or putting clothes away as a breach of the role, but says he wouldn’t agree to clean the bathrooms, since that’s real cleaning and should be something they’re paying a cleaner to do.

While it is understandable to want to be compensated fairly for one’s work, it is also important to remember that pay is often equal to experience and qualifications.

So, was OP right in being reluctant to clean the store, or is OP just wrong? What would you have done in this situation?

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