Husband’s Refusal to Buy Crib for Expectant Teen Sister-In-Law Sparks Explosive Christmas Showdown!

A thoughtful woman riled up Redditors when she revealed that she wanted to buy a crib for her sister. It was her husband’s reaction that caused the real dust-up! Here is the whole story.

She Has a Happy Life

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OP is a 29-year-old woman with a happy family life with her 30-year-old husband and two kids. She loves her husband’s family, too.

They’re a Good Influence

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OP is incredibly thankful to have such positive in-laws. Her own family had many troubles growing up, and the environment wasn’t always so nurturing.

He Cuts Them Out

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But because he knows her family mistreated her for years, OP’s husband doesn’t want to include them in their lives at all.

His Family Is Golden

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For example, OP and her husband spend the holidays with his folks at Christmas, and they all exchange presents.

They’re Lucky to Get Leftovers

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On the other hand, OP’s family might get a card if they’re lucky.

She Wishes It Could Be Different

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While OP can understand why her husband feels the way he does, it’s still hurtful. And her family has not caused her any problems in many years.

She Keeps the Peace

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For the most part, OP has followed her husband’s wishes to keep the peace.

She Slipped Up

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But recently, OP’s 18-year-old sister found out she was pregnant. The girl had already moved in with her boyfriend and his folks, and the young couple paid rent.

They Both Work

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When the boy’s parents learned about the baby, they made their son drop out of high school and get a full-time job. OP’s sister works part-time, too.

But They Have Nothing

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The parents also doubled their rent and put new restrictions on the couple. OP’s sister reports that they’re only allowed to shower once a week, for instance, to save on the water bill.

She Can’t Afford Her Baby

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OP feels terrible for her sister and knows she won’t be able to afford much for the baby.

She Wanted to Help Out

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So OP wanted to do something nice and help the young couple get off on the right foot as much as possible.

She Found a Great Deal

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After shopping around, OP found a great deal on a crib that could convert to a toddler bed and then to a twin bed. It could grow along with her sister’s child.

It Was a Steal

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It was the same sort of crib OP used for her kids, but she could buy it for about a third of its regular price.

He Came Unglued

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But when OP told her husband she wanted to buy the crib, he came unglued.

His Money Was Off Limits

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OP’s husband said that he would not spend his hard-earned money to support some kid who decided to have a kid of her own. He said OP’s sister could get another job if she wanted a crib so badly.

She Was Flabbergasted

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OP did not expect her husband’s outburst, which made her furious.

They Decide Together

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Both OP and her husband work full-time. And, even though he makes more money than she does, they’ve always discussed their finances.

She Wanted to Punish Them

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So, in the moment, OP lashed out and told her husband that “mommy and daddy” would have to be crossed off the Christmas list this year.

They Could Buy Their Own

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OP said that since her in-laws had their own jobs, they could buy their own gifts, too.

It’s a War

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Since that argument, OP and her husband have been bickering back and forth.

There’s No Comparison

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OP’s husband says comparing Christmas to a one-off gift for a teen mom is unfair.

She Has a Say, Too

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But OP thinks she should be able to buy her sister something to help out if she wants to.

Redditors are firmly on OP’s side in this case. They think she can do whatever she wants to help her sister, and they don’t blame her for threatening to cut her in-laws out from Christmas.

Many commenters tell OP she should just go ahead and buy the crib since she makes money, too. Let the pieces fall where they may, they say.

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