She Was His Caregiver And Soulmate Until Cancer Took Him, Now She’s Torn By His Request To Pass On The Inheritance To Her In-Laws

Reddit has provided another interesting story, after the death of their soulmate, a devoted caregiver asked the community whether they should honor their partner’s dying wishes which would deny their in-laws any inheritance, or back down to family pressure and give a portion of their inheritance to them.

The Heartbreaking Story of a Devoted Caregiver

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OP’s soulmate was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer at the young age of 32. He tragically passed away less than two years later. During his illness, OP was his primary caregiver. During the last 10 months of his life, OP quit their job to care for him full-time.

A Soulmate’s Sacrifice

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His treatment was complex, requiring 24-hour care, making it difficult for his parents to manage. OP had to hire a nurse when they were not available.

They Loved Each Other So Much

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Despite the challenges, OP loved their soulmate with their entire soul and never once considered not caring for them. They naturally put their soulmate’s well-being and care above everything else in their life.

Moving On and Hardships

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When their soulmate passed away, OP found themselves alone with just a car, a dog, and an urn.

They had no job, no home (they had been living with their soulmate’s parents until he moved to hospice), and they had not maintained any friendships in the city they were in. Additionally, they had no family other than their soulmate’s family in their city.

A Will was Created

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Although OP was uncomfortable discussing their soulmate’s will and how the money from their life insurance policy would be distributed, they eventually talked about it.

Their soulmate came from a wealthier family, and OP was worried that others might think they had manipulated their soulmate to get the money. OP asked their soulmate to make the decision about the distribution by themselves.

Past Issues with Money Talk

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Despite their soulmate’s insistence that their family would never think that way, OP was raised in a family where money was an uncomfortable topic, and they convinced their soulmate to leave them out of the decision.

In the end, their soulmate decided to leave OP 60% of the money, with the remaining 40% divided equally among their four siblings. None of the money was left to their parents.

Leaving the Money to be Used for Good

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Their soulmate justified this by stating that OP had left their job to care for him, had no family nearby to help, and no home and that they would need help building their life back up.

Their soulmate also wanted OP to use some of the money to pay off their student loans, go back to school for another degree, and buy a home so they would not have to look for a rental with their 80-pound dog.

A Difficult Request

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When their soulmate passed away, their sister became the executor of the will and asked OP if they wanted to give some of the money to their parents since they were not included in the will.

However, OP declined since their soulmate had made it clear that they did not want any of the money to go to their parents.

They Started Feeling Guilty

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OP felt conflicted about the situation and wondered if they were in the wrong. Their sister believed that OP should have given some of the money to their parents, but OP was unsure. They felt guilty about receiving such a large sum of money, which was more than two years of their annual salary when they were working.

Would you give money to the parents? How would you have handled this situation?

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