His Wife Has Been Acting Strange Ever Since She Found Out Their Neighbors Were Swingers, He Doesn’t Know What to Think

After moving to a new house last year, this young couple discovered they were living next to swingers. The wife has been acting strange since they found out.

Moving to a New Neighborhood

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Last year, a couple moved into a new house left to the wife in her grandmother’s will. The couple could have sold the house and bought a cheaper one, but they decided to stay as they hadn’t put down roots yet.

Conflicting Schedules 

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The wife had more trouble finding a job locally than her husband, our Original Poster (OP). Their schedules were initially weird, but after a few months, things worked out, and they both managed to get on similar schedules.

Wife Locked Out of the House

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One morning, OP’s wife forgot her house keys and was locked out. Their neighbors let her come inside to wait for her husband, and they have become friends ever since. 

Meeting the Neighbors

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The couple was invited to meet the neighbors, it was the first time OP met them in person. The neighbors, Ray and Maria, were almost out of a movie. 

They Seemed to Have it All

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Ray seemed to make a lot of money in textiles, and Maria was a model. They all hit it off and became close friends, hanging out at least once a week.

Wife Catches the Neighbor Kissing Someone Else

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One weekend, OP’s wife spotted Ray getting out of his car and kissing a woman who was not Maria. 

His Wife’s Reaction

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OP’s wife was furious, and OP had to stop her from immediately confronting Ray. When she calmed down, they agreed to tell Maria about what they saw.

Not the Explanation She Expected

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Maria was not mad and explained that the woman was one of their mutual “play partners” that they shared. Maria and Ray were not strictly monogamous and had ground rules and lines they did not cross.

She Had a Suspicious Amount of Questions

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After learning about Ray and Maria’s non-monogamous lifestyle, the couple had a few questions, and Ray and Maria were comfortable answering them. However, OP’s wife seemed to have more questions than him. 

She Continued Asking OP Weird Questions

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Later, the OP’s wife asked him several times if he thought Maria was attractive. At first, OP was worried his wife wanted to be swinger buddies with Ray and Maria, but she assured her that wasn’t the case.

Getting Tired of the Questions Repeating

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Over the next few days, OP’s wife continued to ask him if he thought Maria was attractive, and he gave her an honest answer. 

What Is She Thinking About?

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OP noticed his wife seemed “deep in thought.” He was concerned that she was worried about something, but he didn’t know what it was.

Feeling Insecure About the Whole Situation

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OP was left feeling uneasy and unsure about what was bothering his wife.

Here’s What Redditors Thought

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No-Carpenter8359 said, “She is trying to decide if this lifestyle would be something she wants. Probably she asked them about it.” Someone else wrote, “She wants to sleep with Ray. That’s obvious.”

Another user added, “Don’t assume these people have something you would want. You have a good happy marriage. Protect what you have.” 

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