She Ran Off With His New Earbuds, And He Was P***d, But He Had The Last Laugh, The Icing on The Cake Was To Come Though

Reddit provided a great story told by a man who’s thieving ex-girlfriend tried to get one up on him but ended with a massive fail. 

#1. A Promising Relationship

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The young man had been in a relationship with his girlfriend for almost a year. 

#2. No Boys Allowed

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The girlfriend lived in the university dorms which had strict rules like a curfew and restrictions on male visitors. 

#3. The Plan For a Fun Roadtrip

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The young man worked full-time and had his own apartment. Before Easter break, the young man and some friends planned a road trip, but the girlfriend declined the invitation.

#4. The Perfect Pair of Earbuds

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The day before the road trip, the young man and his girlfriend went to a shop to purchase earbuds for the journey. 

The girlfriend decided to get a pair of AirPods, and the individual got himself some Bose earbuds. 

#5. Wanting What’s Not Yours

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On the way back to the university, the girlfriend expressed interest in the young man’s earbuds and wanted to trade them for her AirPods. 

#6. He Said No

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The individual declined the offer, stating that he needed the earbuds for the trip and that they could exchange them later.

#7. Stealing From Her Boyfriend

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When they reached his girlfriend’s dorms, she threw her AirPods at the young man, who was still wearing his Bose earbuds and ran inside the building. 

#8. Entrance Denied

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The young man followed her but was stopped by the guards. The girlfriend refused to return the earbuds, and the young man had to leave. 

#9. The Sweet Revenge

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Later, the young man found the charging case for the AirPods that the girlfriend had dropped in her haste to get away.

#10. He Called Her

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After the road trip, the young man called his girlfriend and informed her that he had exchanged the AirPods and thrown away the charging case. 

#11. Sounds Like a Breakup 

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She became angry and demanded that the individual get her a new pair of earbuds, or they were done.

#12. He Agreed

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The young man agreed to end the relationship, and since then, he has been laughing about the incident.

#13. What Did Redditors Say?

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Redditors couldn’t get enough of the story. One user wrote, “You didn’t break up with her over earbuds. You broke up with her because you saw how badly she treats you after one year of dating and how self-centered she is. Good on you for seeing her clearly now and ditching her!”

BeastMode said to the young man “How are you dropping that much money on someone so terrible is beyond me.” 

The young man replied to him saying, “No one has ever accused me of being smart sadly.” 

What did you think of the story? Were both of them stubborn and childish? What would you have done?

Source: Reddit

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