He’s Living With a Lazy, Inconsiderate Roommate So Decides to Take Action and Remove Him and His Girlfriend

A recent thread on the “Petty Revenge” subthread heard the story of a bad roommate in college who brings in his girlfriend, and when they try to talk to him about it, he doesn’t listen, so the young man locks him out of the house.

A Shared House

In college, the young man lived with three friends in a shared house. 

Unfortunately, one of his roommates was a terrible housemate. He never bothered to clean up after himself, nor did he contribute to the expenses of shared resources such as cleaning supplies.

To make matters worse, this inconsiderate roommate invited his girlfriend to move in without consulting his housemates. 

An Inconsiderate Roommate

She didn’t pay rent and refused to clean as well. The roommate gave her his copy of the house key, and she settled in. 

Despite numerous attempts to reason with him, the roommate refused to see their point of view. 

The housemates repeatedly suggested that the couple could spend time at her place, but the inconsiderate roommate claimed she lived too far away, with her parents on the other side of town.

The house had three floors, each with a door that unlocked with the house key. 

No One Had the Key to the Front Door

Additionally, there was a front door that was always left unlocked, and none of the housemates had a key to it.

As expected, the roommate and his girlfriend often went out at night and returned very late. 

One fateful night, the young man decided to lock the front door, preventing them from getting back in. 

He Locked Them Out

In the early hours of the morning, they came back and tried to gain entry. 

They knocked on the door, threw rocks at the windows, and made other attempts to get in, but to no avail. Eventually, they gave up, and the inconsiderate roommate had no choice but to go to his girlfriend’s place.

He even had to take an Uber to go to the other side of town.

As the old adage goes, “play stupid games, win stupid prizes.”

Redditors loved hearing about this story of petty revenge. 

You Don’t Pay, You Don’t Stay

Car_cow said, “This was completely reasonable, if they don’t pay rent then they shouldn’t be able to stay there” 

Another user said they were once the terrible roommate. They wrote, “As the one who was the [terrible] roommate in a similar situation years ago, kudos to you. I wish someone had locked me out and/or punched me in the face for acting that way.” 

NoCustomer said the same thing happened to them recalling “My roommate’s girlfriend was always over so one night we politely asked if they could hang out at her place for a night only to find out she lived with us and no longer had her apartment. Never told us, never paid us. Never cleaned up, she’d only clean his room when the rest of us were cleaning the house.”

Have you ever had an inconsiderate roommate? What would you have done? 

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