Her Nightmare Mother-In-Law Is Obsessed With Her Newborn. She Is Controlling the Baby and She Can’t Handle Her Passive Aggressive Behavior Anymore!

This tale of family drama comes from a woman who is at her wit’s end. She’s been a loving wife and devoted mother for the past seven years. But there’s one thing that’s been driving her crazy – her in-laws! Read on to find out more.

Children of God

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Our storyteller is an easy-going person who can tolerate a lot, but her in-laws take it to a whole new level.

They are die-hard Christians, and while the Original Poster (OP), too, is a devout child of God, she has more to her than that.

Clingy In-Laws

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She can have a conversation without bringing God into it, but her in-laws can’t seem to do that. Right from the beginning, they were extremely clingy.

They Did What?!

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They would show up at her job twice a week, call every day to go to lunch, try to involve themselves in her friendships, and send long, mushy texts about how deeply loved she is by God.

They’ve Gone Way Too Far!

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They cross boundaries all the time. They put her in counseling because of her childhood trauma, counseled her every time she was with them, and even got private information out of her husband about her!

Things Just Keep Getting Worse

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Things got even worse after they got married. And even after her in-laws moved to another state, OP couldn’t escape their clutches.

She was overjoyed at first and thought she might finally get some privacy back in her life. But soon after, she fell pregnant with a girl.

Her Mother-In-Law Visits

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Her mother-in-law, in her words, “is a weirdo – a passive-aggressive woman with zero personality.”

She asked if she could come out when the baby was born, and OP caved in for her husband’s sake.

But that turned out to be her worst nightmare!

A Smother Mother

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For the entire two weeks she visited, her mother-in-law took over everything to do with her baby.

She changed all the diapers and clothes, put the baby down for every nap, whenever she’d be awake, her mother-in-law was there, and did the baby’s first tummy time.

She Said What?!

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She even took her out of OP’s arms to give her the first bath! She told OP that if she could breastfeed her, she would!

This Is Too Much

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She would sneak skin-to-skin contact with her at night in the baby’s room.

Her husband told her she could sleep while they got up at midnight for the baby, but she would get up anyway.

Occasionally at 2 am, she’d enter their room despite being told not to! Who does that?!

She’s Struggling

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Over the months, her mother-in-law became obsessed with the baby, and her behavior towards OP became increasingly weird and passive-aggressive.

OP, being a stay-at-home mom, found it difficult to cope with her in-laws’ frequent visits.

They Never Let Up

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Her in-laws moved further away a month after her baby was born but have been back trying to hang out multiple times a week since then.

And Now This!

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To top it off, her husband’s step-grandmother, who has a selfish “me me me” mentality, moved into their neighborhood.

She shows up unannounced, calls twice weekly, and manipulates her way into their home every time!

She’s in a Horrible Situation

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OP is a huge introvert and loves her alone time. She feels like her in-laws have pushed her over the edge, and she can’t stand it anymore.

And He Needs to Step Up

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Her husband is finally starting to see it, but he doesn’t do anything for or with his own family, leaving it all up to OP. She posted to Reddit, wondering what anyone would do in her situation.

She’s Not Alone

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Well, first of all, it’s important for OP to recognize that she is not alone in her struggles.

Many people deal with difficult in-laws, and it’s not uncommon for them to overstep boundaries and cause stress in the lives of their family members.

But that doesn’t mean OP has to continue putting up with it.

She Needs to Put Her Foot Down

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Secondly, OP must put her foot down and set some boundaries. She needs to have a talk with her husband and explain how her in-law’s behavior is affecting her mental health.

She should make it clear that their visits need to be less frequent and that they need to call before showing up.

She needs to set boundaries and make it clear that she won’t tolerate any more invasion of her personal space.

And He Needs to Step Up

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Her husband also needs to step up and take responsibility. It’s not fair that it all falls on OP, who’s already feeling overwhelmed.

He needs to understand that it’s not just her problem to deal with and that he needs to actively participate in setting boundaries with his family.

They Should Be Able to Sort This Out

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She deserves to have her boundaries respected and her needs met. It’s not easy to deal with difficult in-laws, but it’s not impossible either.

While it may be hard, with the right tools and support, she should be able to create a healthy and happy family dynamic that works for everyone involved.

What do you think about this woman’s story? Have you ever been in a situation with overbearing in-laws?

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