Her Parents Are Separating and Her Efforts to Stay Out of It Were Ruined When Her Father Questioned Her Character

A young woman recently asked Redditors for their opinions after she blew up her father’s chances to get back together with her mother. This is her full story.

A Long Time Coming

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The Original Poster (OP) is a 25-year-old woman whose parents are going through a divorce after 24 years of marriage.

She Cheated but He Wasn’t a Good Guy

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OP admits that her mother was involved with someone else for several months before her father found out.

But OP says she’s actually glad her mom found someone to love her since her father was a horrible husband.

He Was a Different Man

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But when OP’s mother told her husband she wanted to get separated, he completely changed his tune.

He begged her to stay and promised to change. He even suggested they go to couples counseling as a way to salvage their marriage.

He’d Do Anything

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OP’s mom had wanted to do couples therapy for years, but her father had always resisted. So this was a major change for him.

He Was Getting Help

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OP’s dad had also been depressed for most of her life, but he had refused to get help.

Once he knew his marriage was on the line, though, he went to a doctor and started taking medication to treat his depression.

She Wanted Them to Break Up

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As a result, OP’s parents started building a stronger relationship, and she thought there might be some hope for them to stay together.

She admits, though, that she really thought her mom should move on.

He Wanted Her Help

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Even so, OP’s father approached her for help in winning back her mother’s affection. He knew they were super close and that OP could put in a good word for him.

But She Refused

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But OP refused to help her dad since she believed that her mother deserved better and that her father’s past behavior made him an unsuitable partner.

She Was Being Unfair

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OP’s father didn’t think it was fair for her to stay on the sidelines, telling her that she was holding his depression against him.

He pointed out that his past behavior had been clouded by his mental health.

She Was Staying Out of It

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OP wasn’t swayed and still refused to help her father, but she also told him she wouldn’t interfere with his plans to win her mother back.

She decided to refrain from discussing him with her mother because she wanted to preserve their close friendship and avoid potential conflicts.

He Set Her Off

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During a conversation in her parent’s backyard, OP’s father said that OP preferred spending time with her mother because her mom showered her with gifts.

The discussion had been quiet and hushed to that point, but her Dad’s comment struck a nerve with OP and ignited her anger.

He Went Too Far

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OP has a genuine friendship with her mom and loves spending time with her. She occasionally spends time with her dad out of a sense of obligation, but it’s always strained.

For him to question her character was the last straw.

She Told Him Off

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Fueled by her fury, OP told her dad to buzz off and that he was way off base.

She told him the reason she liked her mother more was that the woman was fun and respectful, whereas her dad was rude and rigid.

She Spilled the Beans

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All the while, OP’s voice was rising, to the point that her mother noticed.

OP’s dad pleaded with his eyes for OP to stay quiet, but she marched over to her mother and let her in on the conversation.

They Left Him Behind

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Then the two women got in OP’s car and left her dad behind.

She Ruined His Chances

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A few days after the blow-up, OP’s dad told her that his wife no longer wanted to go to couples therapy.

He was angry and hurt that OP had ruined his chances to keep his marriage together.

It’s Happy and Sad

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OP feels a little bad for her dad since he’s sad about the breakup, but she’s happy her mom can move on.

Reddit commenters are divided on their opinions when it comes to this story. Some say that OP’s dad was being manipulative in trying to get her to help him win back her mom.

She Should Take Sides

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Others say that OP was two-faced because she said she wasn’t going to take sides, but then she took her mother’s side. Still, others focus on the dad’s mental health and think that he might need more help than OP realizes.

So, what do you think of this story? Was OP right for telling her dad she wouldn’t help him in his fight to save his marriage? And was the Dad off base for asking OP to get involved in the first place?

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