Her Boyfriend Wants to Pull Out of Their Big Upcoming Trip, but She Says He’s Being Selfish and It’s Too Late

When planning a vacation, all parties involved must be on the same page, especially if it’s a group trip. Recently, a Reddit user asked whether she was wrong for forcing her partner to not cancel vacation plans. Here’s the full story.

They Start Planning

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The Original Poster (OP) is a 25-year-old who has been organizing a trip to Europe with her sister and her partner since around January.

They Are Excited

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Everyone was really excited, and most importantly, her 24-year-old partner always supported any plans.

Plans Change

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But in March, plans altered from a trip to the Mediterranean and Italy to choosing Oktoberfest and Austria in the fall. 

The Boys Want to Go Somewhere Else

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They decided to make the change as the boys weren’t as excited about visiting Italy as OP and her sister.

OP’s partner had previously visited Italy, while her sister’s boyfriend wanted to attend Oktoberfest and liked visiting Germany.

They Spend Hours Planning

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Since then, OP and her sister have spent roughly 100 hours planning to make sure their week and a half of travel, which will take them to five different cities in two nations, goes smoothly. 

The Boys Offer No Help

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Apart from the nod when pricing was discussed and confirming that they appeared to be planning a good trip, the boys offered little to no assistance.

She Shows Her Partner the Plans

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Fast forward to a few weeks ago, when OP was visiting her long-distance boyfriend and was gushing about how thrilled she was.

She showed them what they’d done and images of the locations they were going to, but he simply smiled and said he couldn’t wait to travel with her.

He Wanted to Speak to Her Alone

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Then on Saturday, while they were on a call with other members of their friend group, her partner said he wanted to speak with OP alone about something.

OP thought maybe it was about his preparation for professional examinations for his job. 

Unexpected News

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But things took a turn when he said that he no longer believed he could join the trip.

OP when asked why, he explained that he wanted to keep his expenses in check.

He’s Worried About Expenses

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He was worried about taking time off because he had just started a new job, which, as OP points out, doesn’t begin for another five months. 

She Likes to Pay For Him

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OP told him that was no problem and that she would front the money now so he could pay her later.

Then he said he would prefer to receive more paychecks and that he wouldn’t be able to pay OP back until late June or early July, and he wasn’t comfortable with that.

Things Become Worse

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To make matters worse, he only told the others about his decision to cancel the trip after they were ready to buy their tickets.

The other two people in the group were understandably upset, as they had also put a lot of time and effort into planning the trip. 

She Doesn’t Know What to Do

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OP was torn between wanting to go on the trip with her partner, who she had planned to spend some quality time with, and not wanting to make the trip more expensive for everyone else by splitting the lodging three ways instead of four. 

She also didn’t want to be the third wheel on what was supposed to be a romantic trip.

Find Another Travel Partner?

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So OP turned to Reddit to ask for opinions on whether she was wrong. Redditors supported her and said that what her partner did was wrong.

Another Redditor asked whether OP could change her plans and maybe take another friend or family member so the costs will come down.

So what do you think? What is your opinion on what the partner did?

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