Her Boyfriend Demeaned Her and Doubled Down When She Reacted, but He Thinks It’s Funny She Was Triggered

This latest relationship woe comes to us from Reddit. A woman wants to know if she was in the wrong for dropping her boyfriend’s dinner on the ground and walking out when he called her a name used for a female dog (she uses the word “witch” to be sensitive).

She Was Making Dinner

She was at her 30-year-old boyfriend’s apartment, cooking dinner for them both because he was studying for his exams. She’s a wonderful girlfriend, loves her boyfriend, and goes out of her way to help him when needed. She was cooking pasta with a chunky sauce, meatballs, and vegetables.

When the meal was ready, she told her boyfriend that dinner was ready, and he responded by asking her, “What’s for dinner tonight, WITCH” with an incredible amount of emphasis on the last word.

He Used an Awful Term

The Original Poster (OP) hates that slur and has some very vivid associations of abusive people in her life using it against her.

On top of that trauma, she was exhausted – she’d had a nightmare shift and just wanted a nice night in with her partner.

But as soon as he called her that name, she snapped. She dropped the pot of pasta sauce where she stood and replied, “well, nothing’s for dinner tonight now. And I better not hear you using that word again. It’s for the girls.”

Her boyfriend started freaking out. He was shouting about the pasta sauce that had landed on his rug and said, “you’re seriously acting like a witch right now. I don’t know what else to call it!”

“It’s a TikTok Trend!”

OP had to walk out at this; she was furious. She got takeout for herself and went to her friend’s house to try and decompress. Her friend thought it was funny, but her boyfriend was enraged.

He kept texting and calling her, sending voice notes trying to explain that what he’d said was a TikTok trend and that he’d been quoting it as a joke to put on TikTok. She thought that was the worst excuse ever. Even if it was a “joke,” it was still incredibly disrespectful!

And what infuriated her, even more was that he thought it was a joke. He found it funny to demean her when she was trying to do something nice for him!

She came over to cook him dinner because he was studying, and he decided to say that to her?! She put her phone on silent for the night and split a bottle of wine with her friend.

She Stormed Out

But the following day, he was still sending her angry texts. He demanded she clean his rug because he was too busy with his exams to do it himself. She was shocked he left it overnight, considering it was on the floor in his apartment.

She texted him a sassy reply: “Yeah, so that’s the witch tax, honey :). Leave me alone until you’re ready to handle your own cooking and cleaning because this witch isn’t anymore. Also, it’s vile you left that soaking in all night.”

He called her and told her he was okay with doing his own household work, but she threw a whole pot of sauce on the ground, so it was on her to clean up. She replied, however, that she’s not comfortable doing chores for him if he sees her as his “witch.”

He said that he didn’t; it was just a TikTok trend, but this annoyed her! Going back to that lame TikTok excuse again just showed how little he’d thought about the conflict and that he’d forgotten he’d called her a “witch” again when she was upset.

So she told him, “Well, I’m starting a trend called ‘saucing’ where people throw pasta sauce around as a little joke! You can’t be mad because it’s just a little trend, a little joke. Just a little prank!”

He Shouldn’t Use Demeaning Slurs

He was irate and hung up on her, and now she’s wondering if this stupid TikTok “joke” is going to be the end of their relationship! She’s annoyed because he’s 30 years old and has not realized that women don’t like having demeaning slurs used against them. She thinks he’s beyond her help.

She doesn’t want to have to guide him through life and shouldn’t have to explain to her boyfriend that she doesn’t like slurs against her gender used on her.

She wants to know if she’s in the wrong “for how I reacted when my boyfriend asked me, what’s for dinner tonight?”

Reddit users loved this woman’s revenge tale and thought she was in the right. They were incensed that her boyfriend would fall back on the TikTok trend as an excuse and not own up to his mistake in calling her that name.

One Reddit user explained the trend, saying, “I googled the trend. And it is all about seeing how women react to a knowingly offensive comment. And usually, they are offended. These jokes aren’t funny. Well, you reacted. He got his wish…He needs to grow up.”

What do you think about this story? Was she in the wrong for dropping the pasta sauce, or should her boyfriend think before he speaks in future?

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