She Reclaims What is Hers And Makes Life Very Awkward For Her Cheating Ex and His Mistress

The woman’s grandfather had died and left her £25,000, which she and her boyfriend used as a deposit to buy a house together.

Inheritance and the Dream

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The agreement was that she would pay the deposit, and the boyfriend would pay the first two years of mortgage repayments to make their contribution equal. 

Devastating Discovery

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However, after 18 months, the woman discovered that her boyfriend had been having an affair for a year and was bringing the other woman to their home while she was at work and their daughter was at home!

Running Away to Safety

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The woman was devastated and decided to leave with their daughter to her mother’s house. 

Heartbreaking Request

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After a few weeks, she decided to sell the house so she could get her £25,000 deposit back. 

However, the boyfriend had already moved in with his new girlfriend and refused to leave. 

Refusal and Threats

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He said if she wanted to sell the house, then she needed to buy him out. He also threatened her, saying she had no legal leg to stand on and should not expect much money back even if she could make him sell the house.

Planning the Perfect Revenge

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The woman waited for her next mid-week day off work to strike. This was when she knew her ex and his new girlfriend would be at work. 

Bold Move

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While they were away, she moved a bed, wardrobe, and other furniture into the second bedroom (which had been their daughter’s room). 

Friend and Daughter Watching TV

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When her ex and his girlfriend returned home that evening, they were surprised to find the friend and their daughter sitting on the sofa watching TV. 

Holding Her Ground

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She shared the house with her ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend for a month, pretending they didn’t exist. 

Triumph Over Betrayal

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Eventually, they got fed up sharing the house with the woman and moved out. 

What Redditors Had to Say

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The Reddit community loved this story of petty revenge. 

MantisGibson wrote, “The other woman must have been a real piece of work to actually stick around once she realized what the situation was.”

NotTheBadOne added, “Brilliant move on her part and nerves of steel playing the long game..” 

Another user, BopperBopper, said “This is why you don’t comingle your inheritance money… She should have had the house in her name and when he paid the first two years then add him.” 

What would you have done? Was moving back in the woman’s only way to get her house back? 

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