He Tricked His Parents Into Showing up on Time for His Wedding

A man recently asked Redditors for their opinions after he tricked his parents into being on time for his wedding, and then got busted. Here is his full story.

They’re Always Late

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OP is a 33-year-old man whose parents are late for everything, from kids’ recitals to birthday parties to family dinners.

Life Might Be Tough

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As OP’s wedding approached, his 28-year-old bride-to-be warned him that married life would be tough for him if his parents were late to the ceremony.

It was on him to make sure that didn’t happen.

A Clever Trick

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After putting some thought into the situation, OP came up with a plan. When they were printing their wedding invitations, he had a special invite made up for his mom and dad, with the start time listed an hour before the actual wedding.

She Was Stressed

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OP knew that his mom was the problem when it came to his parents’ chronic tardiness. 

Sure enough, she was completely stressed out as the big day approached, because she was supposed to be involved in the ceremony.

She Didn’t Want to Be Late

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A late arrival to her son’s wedding would be embarrassing for OP’s mother and devastating for the bride and groom.

They Weren’t The Only Ones

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On the day of the wedding, OP’s parents were running late as usual, and his mom was melting down in the car on the way to the venue.

But when they arrived, she saw that other people were still parking, so she started to calm down.

They Were Late, but It Didn’t Matter

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Happy that she had made it to the wedding on time, OP’s mom did her part in the ceremony, and the wedding was a hit.

All was well, even though the parents had arrived 45 minutes after the start time listed on their invitation.

She Framed It!

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OP’s mother was so proud of both her son’s new marriage and the fact that she arrived on time that she had the invitation framed and hung it on her wall. 

They Were Going to Swap It Out

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OP knew that was a potential source of trouble, so he and his sister started planning a heist, where they’d swap out the fake invite for one with the real wedding time.

Late for Dinner

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Before OP could pull off his switcheroo, though, the family got together for a cookout at OP’s house. Like always, his parents showed up late.

Everyone Waited for Them

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When his mom asked why no one was eating yet, OP explained that everyone wanted to wait for them since they knew they’d be late.

They Thought It Was Funny

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OP’s mother took exception to that and said that she hadn’t been late to his wedding.

That prompted snickers and snorts from various family members, and his mom asked what was going on..

He Fessed Up

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So OP came clean and told her about the fake invitation that he had used to get her to the wedding on time. 

She Was Hurt and Angry

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Right away, OP could see that his mother was hurt, and she got angry at him for not trusting her.

She said that he had embarrassed her in front of the whole family. It didn’t help that everyone knew how proud she was of her framed wedding invitation.

A Necessary Evil?

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Now, OP wonders if he was out of line for tricking his mother and father into being on time for his wedding. He feels really bad that he hurt his mother’s feelings, but he’s also glad the ceremony went off without a hitch.

Most Redditors think OP was completely right for making sure that his mother didn’t ruin his wedding. They say he didn’t do her any harm or disrespect her in any way.

Several commenters give OP a lot of credit for his creative solution to a potential problem.

Others say he should remind his mom that she arrived at the wedding 45 minutes after the time her “special” invitation told her to arrive. 

So, what do you think of this story? Did OP do anything wrong in fooling his mother into getting to the wedding on time?

Or was he just being clever in making sure his bride was happy on their big day?

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