He Told Her That She Ruined Her Marriage With Oversexualized Comments

A young gay man recently asked for opinions on Reddit after he told his sister that her comment about him and his husband was exactly why her marriage failed. Here is his complete story.

The More the Merrier

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OP is a gay man in his late 20s who lives with his husband, also in his late 20s.

They recently welcomed OP’s sister into their home when her own marriage fell apart.

She Didn’t Want to Be Alone

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At first, OP’s sister didn’t tell them much about the circumstance of her marital troubles, but they knew she was just starting the divorce process.

And she said she just didn’t have the heart to live alone right then.

She Started to Talk

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OP was happy to have his sister stay with them, and his husband was OK with it, too.

Then, after she’d been there a while, she let her brother in on some of the specifics of her upcoming divorce.

It Was All About Sex

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There had been no infidelity in the marriage, and there was no abuse.

Instead, the sister’s problems with her husband all revolved around sex.

She Wanted It More Than He Did

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In particular, OP’s sister wanted to have sex all the time.

And, even though she and her husband were still having sex after several years of marriage, it wasn’t often enough to suit her tastes.

He Didn’t Even Want Her to Touch Him

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OP’s sister also told him that her husband had started to avoid even simple touching outside the bedroom because he thought she always wanted it to lead to sex.

And that really was what she wanted, as far as her brother could tell.

She Had Some Choice Words for Him

And it wasn’t just that OP’s sister was pressuring her husband to have more sex.

She had gotten downright nasty with him about it!

He Was Just a Roommate

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For one thing, she said that without having enough sex, living with her husband was just like living with a roommate.

She pushed him to get hormone testing done, because she thought his libido might be lacking because of an imbalance.

He Felt Sad for Her Husband

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OP’s sister insisted that she really hadn’t been all that terrible when it came to demanding sex from her husband, but he wasn’t so sure.

After he’d heard her stories, OP mostly just felt sad for her hubby.

Just Chilling Together

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Then one day, OP and his husband were sitting together on the couch watching TV.

The husband had his legs across OP’s lap, and OP was rubbing his feet.

Was It a Fetish?

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OP’s sister walked into the room and made a comment to the effect that she had no idea her brother had a foot fetish.

It Was Just a Simple Gesture

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That set off OP because he didn’t think there was anything sexual about the foot massage.

Just one person doing something nice and intimate for a person they love!

That’s Why She Was So Broken

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So OP piped up and told her that sort of comment was exactly the reason her own marriage had blown up.

That struck close to home!

She Stomped Off

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OP’s sister called him a rude name and stormed out of the room.

Now He’s Not Sure

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OP says he knew his comment was pretty harsh as he let it fly. Now he’s not sure if it was too much to unleash on her, or just tough love, as he intended.

Many Redditors say that OP was way out of line, though, and that there wasn’t any reason for him to bring his sister’s marriage into the discussion.

So, what do you think of this story? Should OP have kept his mouth shut or maybe used a different comeback?

Or was he right for pointing out that he thinks his sister oversexualizes everything?

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