He Stood up for His Colleagues Against His Racist Dictator of a Boss and Managed to Take Him Down!

This guy has a story about a bad boss that many of us will be able to relate to! His tale of getting one over on his dictator of a boss is sure to leave a smile on your face.

It All Starts With an Awful Job

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The Original Poster (OP) used to work at an automotive repair shop owned by a terrible boss.

He Did What?!

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The owner had two shops that he ran and was known for watching his employees work through the cameras from the comfort of his home.

A Tyrant of a Boss

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OP described him as a tyrant. If he saw something he didn’t like, he would call the shop and harass the employees. He would also show up and harass them in person if he felt like it.

Wrote People up Over Nothing!

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The owner was known for criticizing employees for no reason and threatening not to pay them if the shop was not busy. He had an absolute meltdown if anyone dared question his authority!

He Was Reaching the End of His Rope

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OP had enough of the owner’s shenanigans and began reconsidering working at the shop after a few months. At around the same time, the owner decided to move OP from one shop to the other for no reason.

Was He Getting Pushed Out?

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OP had not discussed their thoughts of leaving with anyone, but it seemed like the owner was trying to push them out. The new shop was older and in a terrible area with a high crime rate, and OP was not excited about the move. However, they wanted to line something up elsewhere before jumping ship.

His Boss Was a Racist!

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Once OP settled into the new shop, they got to talking with their fellow technicians. As it turns out, the owner was a racist jerk, and every single one of the employees at this location, aside from OP, was African American.

He Would Bully the Staff

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The owner would regularly send people home with no pay for the day just because he could!

The owner continued to come by the shop and be nasty to all of the employees, and after a few weeks, OP was over it. He managed to line up another job and was planning on quitting, but the owner had other plans.

He Doesn’t Take News Well

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OP tried to give the owner his two-week notice via phone. But he did NOT like that. Instead of discussing it like a human, he decided to come and talk to him face-to-face!

His boss was so angry that OP would put his notice in that he forced him to clock out and go home! He also forced two other techs who stood up for OP to do the same!

It’s Time For Some Revenge

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OP had enough of the owner and decided that he deserved some kind of reciprocation. The other techs deserved better than to continually be walked over as well. So OP filed a complaint with the Department of Labor (DOL), outlining everything that had been going on at the shop. Within a few days, the DOL launched an investigation.

But The Boss Found Out!

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The owner found out who filed the complaint and called the shop to give OP hell about it. Unfortunately for him, the phones he had were on recorded lines, and OP requested to listen to that conversation!

So He Fired Them

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In the end, the owner terminated OP prior to their two weeks being up, as well as the two techs who had backed him up!

That’s When His Boss Messed Up

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OP filed for unemployment, which the owner fought by filing appeals with a judge. However, the owner didn’t show up for the appeals three times in a row, prompting the judge to bar him from requesting appeals against OP and granting them full unemployment pay!

What A Joke

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Months later, OP received a written apology from the owner and an offer to work for him again. OP was never going to agree to that!

He Must Have Been Laughed Out!

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Two months after that, they received a letter from the DOL saying that their investigation was closed and that the owner had been found guilty of multiple charges. The DOL barred his boss from operating a shop or any other business in the state for several years.

He’d Beat The Boss!

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OP couldn’t help but feel a little smug about the whole situation. They had stood up to a racist and won. The owner had no right to treat them so poorly, and they were glad they had taken action. It was a long and frustrating ordeal, but in the end, the OP was the one who came out on top!

A Lot of Us Can Relate to This Guy’s Situation

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OP’s experience with this racist tyrant of a boss is one that many of us can relate to. We’ve all had bosses who have pushed us to our limits and treated us unfairly. However, his story is one of triumph.

He stood up for himself and his fellow techs, and in the end, justice got served. No one deserves to work in a toxic environment, and resources are available to help you if you need them. It’s also important to remember that karma can catch people up, so treat people with kindness and respect!

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