He Repurposed His Late Wife’s Dress to Make a Special Gift for His Daughter’s 1st Birthday. His MIL Said He Had Ruined the Dress and the Memory

A recently widowed man took to a Reddit board to see if he was in the wrong for cutting up a piece of his late wife’s dress for their daughter’s first birthday.

A Tragic Loss

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The Original Poster (OP), a 38-year-old man, tragically lost his 35-year-old wife in April 2022 during labor.

His wife’s premature delivery resulted in complications, ultimately leading to her passing away an hour after giving birth to their daughter.

The newborn also experienced complications and had to be kept in a NICU for the first two months of her life.

A Year Later, It Was Time for a Birthday Celebration

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The entire ordeal was difficult for OP and his family, particularly for his late wife’s mother, who was a single parent to her only child.

Thankfully, OP’s daughter’s condition improved after the initial two months, and she is now a lively and joyful one-year-old.

Wanting to Make a Special Gesture

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A few days ago, OP celebrated his baby’s first birthday, which was a bittersweet occasion. He couldn’t help but wish that his late wife could have been there to witness their daughter’s first milestone.

In an effort to honor his wife’s memory and make his daughter feel the presence of her mother on her special day, OP decided to incorporate a special touch.

He used the stitching skills that his wife had taught him to create a unique gift for their daughter.

An Idea Sparks From the Maternity Photoshoot

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During her maternity photoshoot, OP’s late wife wore a stunning dark green gown and looked radiant in it.

She expressed a desire for their daughter to wear the gown someday, but unfortunately, she never saw this wish come true.

After her passing, the gown was left forgotten among her other belongings, but OP couldn’t bring himself to go through her things as it would have been too emotionally difficult for him.

He Created a Dress for the Daughter to Wear

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OP found the motivation to go through his late wife’s closet, cut up the green gown she had worn during her maternity photoshoot, and make a special dress for their daughter.

The combination of his wife’s words, the grief of knowing she would never meet their child, and the occasion of his daughter’s birthday pushed him to take action.

Seeing his daughter in the dress was heartwarming, and OP couldn’t help but notice how the color suited his daughter just as as it had suited his wife.

MIL Was Very Upset

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OP dressed his daughter in the green gown for her birthday party, but his mother-in-law (MIL) was upset and tearful upon seeing it.

She believed that the dress was destroyed and asked him why he had done so.

OP explained that his late wife had wanted their daughter to wear it, and his MIL countered that she had likely meant when their daughter was old enough to fit into it.

She Thought He Had Ruined a Memory of His Late-Wife

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She also pointed out that his wife had made that assumption while thinking she would be alive to see their daughter in the dress, which was no longer possible.

In her eyes, the dress was a memory of her daughter that was now destroyed.

He Tried to Explain to Her

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OP explained to MIL that the green gown had been among his late wife’s other belongings in the closet, all of which were still intact and perfectly preserved.

He had only used that one dress, the same one she had expressed a desire for their daughter to wear someday. In his eyes, he was honoring his wife’s wish, albeit a little earlier than intended.

People Took Sides at the Party

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As the argument escalated, other individuals began taking sides and joining in.

Eventually, MIL and many of the guests left the party, and she has not responded to his calls since.

The situation has sparked mixed opinions among their relatives.

Feeling Guilty

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OP feels devastated and disheartened that his attempt to make his daughter’s birthday extra special ended up causing tears and strife.

He can’t help but wonder if he was in the wrong and if he should have handled the situation differently.

Reddit Commenters

Kanchana Imsilp / Prathankarnpap

Most Reddit users who commented on this post supported OP’s decision to repurpose the green gown for his daughter’s first birthday, honoring his late wife’s wishes.

Some users think that MIL’s reaction may have been more about her still grieving her daughter, but they still believe that she took it too far by escalating the situation and ruining the day. 

What do you think? Was OP in the right here?

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