When He Was Feeling Dangerously Low and Just Wanted to Talk to Someone, He Reached Out Online and the Overwhelming Response Gave Hime Hope

John’s story and his journey of finding closure and happiness through the support of Reddit is a true testament to the power of online communities. John was suffering and needed a forum to vent, so he took to Reddit’s confessions board to shout into the universe, not expecting anyone to read his post.

A Sad Tale

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John Snow’s heart feels heavy as he stares at the date on his calendar. It’s been 18 years since his family essentially erased him from their existence.

His dad, the man he called father his entire life, got DNA test results that confirmed John wasn’t his biological son. That day marked the last time they spoke, and in his dad’s eyes, John didn’t exist.

She’s Just Forgotten About Him

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What makes it even more difficult is that John’s mother is still with his dad and lies to everyone about his relationship with John.

John is not welcome in their home, and there are no pictures of him or his children displayed. He’s effectively been erased from existence, at least in his dad’s head.

His Dad Came Back From the War

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John’s parents got married before the Vietnam War, but his dad decided he didn’t want to be married anymore when he returned.

They split, and his mother started seeing someone in the office where she worked. His dad got jealous and wanted her back, so they got back together.

A Tough Situation

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Apparently, John’s conception occurred during that break.

In the 18 years since they last spoke John has learned who his biological father is, though he will not recognize that fact, even though DNA tests have been conclusive.

A Small Light

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John has learned of at least four half-siblings, all of which are significantly older than him.

While he’s been able to connect with them, there really isn’t any type of relationship there.

He’s Suffering Because of This

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The biggest impact this event had on John was increasing his issues with abandonment and feelings of worthlessness.

It negatively impacted his ability to form meaningful relationships, and he continues to feel alone in the world.

He Doesn’t Feel Comfortable

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Despite having a decent life and being a father to two wonderful children, John still feels out of place, like he’s playing pretend around others.

He constantly second-guesses every interaction he has and never feels worthy of anyone else’s time.

It’s as Though He’s Living a Lie

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It has been a major struggle for John. Battling anxiety and depression at the same time only makes it worse.

The isolation of working from home plays into it, but he is happy in his current company. Only a select few people in his real life actually know any of this, and he feels like he’d be even more of an outcast if he told others.

John just puts on a smile when he’s in public and pretends like there isn’t a huge hole in him.

He Vented to Nobody in Particular

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But then something incredible happened when John decided to share his story on Reddit. He didn’t expect anyone to read it, but he just needed to tell the universe.

He poured his heart out, and people responded with overwhelming support. They validated his feelings and offered advice, and he felt like the world had his back.

But the Support Was Overwhelming!

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Redditors told him that they saw him, they heard him, and they had his back. People shared their stories and experiences, and John realized he wasn’t alone.

He wasn’t the only one who their parents had rejected, and he wasn’t the only one battling feelings of worthlessness and abandonment.

They Made Him Feel Like a Person

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They reminded him that his validation came from within himself and that he was worthy of love and acceptance.

He felt comforted by the support he received and started to open up more to the people in his life.

A Weight Was Removed

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For John, it was like someone had lifted a weight off his shoulders. He feels validated, heard, and understood.

He began to open up more to those around him and sought professional help to deal with his feelings. Slowly but surely, John is starting to feel better.

Virtual Connections Have Given Him Hope

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He’s amazed by the love and support he received from complete strangers on the internet.

It gives him hope that there are good people in the world and that he doesn’t have to feel alone.

They’re a Force for Good

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With the help of the Reddit community, John began to see that he wasn’t alone in his struggles. He found solace in knowing that there were people who cared about him and wanted to see him thrive.

He began to focus on the positive aspects of his life,

He’s Creating a Future for Himself, and His Family

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John realized that he is worthy of love and belonging and that he didn’t need the validation of others to feel whole. Now he’s able to move on from the pain of his past and create a bright future for himself and his family. And for that, he will always be grateful to the Reddit community.

His story highlights the importance of sharing our struggles and seeking support when we need it, as well as the potential for virtual connections to bring real-life healing and hope.

What a lovely story that shows the power of virtual connections. Have you had any experiences with online healing?

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