He Told His Brother the Painful Truth, but It Caused a Big Family Conflict, and Now, the Grandparents Are Worried They’ll Be Refused Visitation

Reddit has provided another interesting story, a user has asked the community whether he was in the wrong for finally telling his brother the truth even if it meant throwing his parents under the bus and causing conflict. 

A Family Business and Struggling Son

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OP, a 36-year-old man, used to run a family business with his 35-year-old brother and their parents.

Over the last 10 years, OP progressed to running the company while his brother struggled with responsibility and management tasks.

Parents Try to Protect His Feelings

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Despite his brother’s shortcomings, OP’s parents protected him by avoiding any conflict or hurt feelings.

They would lie to him and move him to different departments to avoid telling him that he wasn’t doing his job right.

OP adds that his brother was not thrown into a situation without training and that they provided him with both informal and formal training.

The Lie Continues for a Long While

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OP was complicit in this and kept up the lies until resentment grew.

He left the family business (due to the toxic environment and anger) to start a different company but agreed to come back on the condition that his brother would be bought out.

Brother Has Been Stealing

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When he returned, he found out that his brother had been stealing products from the warehouse.

OP Confronts His Brother’s Actions

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When OP confronted his brother, his brother admitted to stealing and became angry with OP, accusing him of not respecting him.

The Truth Comes Out

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This caused OP to decide to stop lying and finally tell his brother the truth about the lies that their parents had created to protect his feelings from the last 10 years.

Parents Are Upset That Ties Have Been Cut

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Now, OP’s parents are upset with him because his brother is angry and has gone no contact with them.

They are worried that they won’t be able to see their grandchildren again.

OP Wants Reddit’s Opinions

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OP reached out to the Reddit community to see if his actions were warranted.

Many users responded that everyone was in the wrong here. The brother shouldn’t have been stealing, but the family did him a disservice by never giving him constructive feedback or help.

Easier Said Than Done

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Others felt like they would have done the same thing as OP. One wrote, “Were I in OP’s shoes I would have gone with the original lie.

Now that the situation has changed and the brother is causing criminal offenses, the game changes. I would be at the police.”

What would you have done? Should OP have kept the lies to himself to protect the brother’s feelings?

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