He Stormed Out When He Discovered She Had Been Hiding Vegetables in His Food for Months

A woman took to Reddit recently to ask for opinions after her boyfriend discovered that she had been sneaking vegetables into his food for months. This is the full story.

They Took It to the Next Level

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OP is a 28-year-old woman who has been with her 36-year-old boyfriend for about a year. They moved in together 4 months ago.

She Noticed Some Things About Him

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Even before they were under the same roof, OP noticed some peculiarities about her boyfriend, as might be expected with a new relationship.

One that jumped out at her was that he hardly ever ate vegetables.

He Hated Vegetables

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In fact, OP says her boyfriend would purposely eat a vegetable only about once a month.

If they went to a restaurant and his order came with veggies, he might nibble on them, but that was about it.

He Avoided Them at All Costs

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Even though OP enjoyed cooking and served up lots of variety that included vegetables, her boyfriend would just push them to the side. And on nights when OP didn’t cook, her boyfriend relied on frozen foods that lacked vegetables as well.

He Wasn’t Healthy

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OP’s boyfriend suffered from a few health issues, including a vitamin deficiency.

He took a multivitamin and prescription drugs to help with his conditions, but OP started to wonder if his diet was part of the problem.

She Knew What Was Wrong

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Eventually, OP decided that her boyfriend’s health issues and vitamin deficiencies were likely due to his strict stance against vegetables.

So She Snuck Him Some Veggies

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To address this and try to help her boyfriend, OP started hiding vegetables in their meals when she cooked, blending them so that he wouldn’t notice the chunks.

She began doing this about 6 months into their relationship.

She Got More Bold About It

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Once they moved in together, OP ramped up the frequency of hiding vegetables, since she was responsible for most of the cooking.

He Started Feeling Better

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OP felt gratified when her boyfriend started expressing that he felt better in recent months.

He was even able to reduce his medication dosage, and he stopped taking his multivitamins.

But She Kept Her Secret

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OP chose to keep her actions a secret, because she was relieved that her boyfriend’s health was improving, and she didn’t see any harm in hiding the vegetables.

She didn’t want to ruin the good thing she had going and risk making him angry.

A Blender Crisis

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However, while OP was preparing pasta one night, the blender broke in the middle of blending vegetables into the sauce.

She had to serve the dish with visible vegetable chunks, which wasn’t such a big deal. Her boyfriend could just pick them out if he didn’t want them.

He Noticed the Change

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But this was a dish they’d had many times before, only this time, there were vegetable chunks in the sauce.

OP’s boyfriend noticed the difference right away and commented on the veggies.

He Thought It Was Strange

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As OP expected, her boyfriend refused to eat the vegetables, but he went ahead and tasted the sauce.

He was surprised that it tasted exactly the same as always even though there were vegetables in it.

She Was Busted

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Caught red-handed, OP confessed and told him that she had been sneaking vegetables into his food for months.

Her boyfriend got really angry, calling her a controlling bitch.

It Was None of Her Business

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OP’s boyfriend told her that his beliefs about vegetables were none of her business.

When she pointed out that he had been feeling better lately, he said that his health was none of her business, either.

He Ran to His Sister

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Feeling judged and controlled, the boyfriend stormed out of the apartment and went to stay with his sister.

The sister later texted OP to tell her that the boyfriend was OK, but that she thought OP was wrong for sneaking veggies into his food, too.

Even Her Friends Were Against Her

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Later, OP consulted her own friends. They thought the boyfriend was silly for avoiding vegetables so forcefully, but they also thought OP was wrong for trying to control his diet.

So, what do you think of this story? Was OP justified in hiding veggies in her boyfriend’s food, in the name of trying to improve his health?

Or was she out of line for trying to control what he eats? Write us your thoughts!

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