Formula 1 Rumors Swirl: Will Fernando Alonso or Daniel Ricciardo Replace Sergio Perez at Red Bull for 2024 Season?

Formula 1 has been thrown into disarray as rumors circulate that former world champion Fernando Alonso may replace struggling driver Sergio Perez at Red Bull. In a whirlwind 24 hours, the motorsport community has been sent into a frenzy with conflicting reports suggesting that both Alonso and Daniel Ricciardo could potentially snatch Perez’s seat as Max Verstappen’s teammate for the 2024 season.

The Race for the No. 2 Red Bull Seat

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The speculation about Ricciardo’s bid for the No. 2 Red Bull seat gained significant momentum after he delivered an exceptional performance at the Mexico Grand Prix, marking his best performance of the season. 

Perez’s Frustration at the Mexico Grand Prix

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Perez found himself trailing behind Ricciardo during qualifying and crashed out of the race at Turn 1, compounding the pressure on his position within the team.

A Shocker in the Rumor Mill

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However, this speculation was soon overshadowed by a surprising twist, with fans and commentators redirecting their attention to the possibility of Alonso taking the coveted spot.

The Post That Started It All

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The chaos began when prominent Formula 1 commentator Albert Fabrega hinted at an unsettling rumor: “I don’t want to believe the rumor that they have told me now in the paddock. No.” 

A Wildfire of Rumors

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It sparked a wildfire of rumors regarding Alonso’s future, particularly after his disappointing performance at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City, which had previously fueled retirement speculations.

Clarity Amid the Chaos

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With the Formula 1 community engulfed in a whirlwind of uncertainty, Fabrega felt compelled to clarify his comment: “I’m just going to say one thing about the rumor that I told you yesterday.

From the tone of the text, it is understood that I would not like it to happen. From here, you can speculate as much as you/we want. And I hope it remains a rumor and not news. End of thread.”

Fans Reacted to the Rumor

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The response from Formula 1 presenter Will Buxton was a “bomb exploding” meme, capturing the shock and disbelief rippling through the sport’s fans.

Separating Fact from Fiction

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However, not everyone was ready to embrace the rumored upheaval. Formula 1 correspondent Daniel Moxton promptly debunked suggestions of Perez’s imminent departure from Red Bull. 

Moxton Debunks Speculations

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Moxton stated, “Been a couple of irresponsible tweets that have set off some #F1 rumors today. To be clear – Sergio Perez is not retiring, nor are Red Bull replacing him with Fernando Alonso.”

No Retirement Plans

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Moxton emphasized that Perez has no plans to retire or leave Red Bull, and Red Bull is not currently contemplating bringing Alonso on board. 

The Origins of the Rumors

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He shed light on the origins of the rumors, attributing them to a “paddock secret” that gained traction, prompting people to run with the speculations.

Ricciardo as a Contender

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According to Moxton, Ricciardo remains the top contender to replace Perez should Red Bull decide to make a change. He explained, “It’s all down to how Perez performs.

Current situation is the team wants him to stay and rediscover his best form, but if he can’t do that, then I don’t expect Red Bull to hesitate to replace him mid-season if they feel it’s necessary.

In that scenario, Ricciardo is almost certainly the first choice.”

Ricciardo’s Mexico Grand Prix Triumph

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Ricciardo’s standout performance at the Mexico Grand Prix earned him significant acclaim.

While he showcased his abilities in AlphaTauri’s best result of the season, Perez continued to grapple with inconsistency. 

Perez’s Season of Ups and Downs

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The Mexican driver started the season strongly with victories in two of the first four races, challenging his teammate Max Verstappen.

However, as Verstappen continued to dominate the championship race, Perez’s performance took a downturn.

Red Bull’s Championship Aspirations

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Red Bull’s aspiration for a one-two finish in the driver’s championship remains a priority, but Perez’s recent struggles allowed Lewis Hamilton to close the gap to within 20 points with three races remaining in the season.

Perez is currently under contract with Red Bull through the end of 2024.

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