Vital Medication Confiscated: Family Faces Unexpected Consequences in Fiancé’s Health Crisis

A young woman outraged Redditors when she uninvited her male family members to her wedding for hazing her fiance. In the end, they were the ones who failed the test. Here is the full story.

They Hit a Snag

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OP is a 22-year-old woman who is engaged to a 23-year-old man. Their wedding is coming up fast, but the couple ran into a problem.

The Men Have Revolted

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Ever since OP and her boyfriend got engaged, the male members of her family have been on a rampage.

They Put Him to the Test

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Specifically, OP’s dad, brother, cousin, and uncle have decided it’s their job to find out what sort of man her fiancé really is. So they’ve been testing him.

He Couldn’t Get a Break

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Some of the men’s tests are pretty harmless, even if they amount to bullying. For example, they “made” OP’s fiancé play four games of chess in a row, one against each man, without a break.

They Left Him Stranded

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Other tests were more cruel and probably rose to the level of being crimes, like the time the men slashed OP’s boyfriend’s tires.

Was He Too Soft?

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OP’s family members wanted to see whether he would handle the situation himself or call for help. They wanted to know if he was soft or not.

They Grilled Him Mercilessly

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The men were also constantly asking OP’s boyfriend leading questions that helped them dig into his politics and views on life.

What Were His Intentions?

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They wanted to know how OP’s fiancé felt about abortion, for example. And they asked him what jokes he thought were appropriate to tell his future mother-in-law.

Was He Man Enough?

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The tests extended to the outdoors, where OP’s fiancé had to prove himself in hunting and fishing.

He Was Soft and Slow

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As the wedding approached, OP’s male family members were pretty certain in their opinion of her fiancé. They said he was soft and slow, and not really much of a man.

He Needed Help

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OP was hurt by this and wanted to defend her fiancé, but she wasn’t really sure how. She did point out that he had asthma and had to use an inhaler.

She Stuck up for Him

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But OP did not consider her fiancé to be soft, and she thought her family was way off base.

It Was His Last Chance

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Recently, the four men decided to give OP’s fiancé another chance to prove himself by taking him on a 3-day trip. It would be a sort of final exam to see where he stood in the family.

He Left Them Behind

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Right off the bat, one of the men stole the fiancé’s inhaler and hid it from him. The young man managed to break away from the group and come home to OP.

All Shook Up

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In all, OP’s boyfriend was without his inhaler for about 7 hours. He was mostly okay, but definitely weak and shaken.

They Could Have Killed Him

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When the other men came home, OP confronted them right away and told them they could have killed her fiancé.

He Was a Tattletale

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OP’s cousin asked her in a childish, mocking voice if her little fiancé had come home and tattled on them.

She Was Done

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That was the last straw for OP, and she uninvited all four men to her wedding.

Now They Knew the Truth

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OP’s brother freaked out and said she was overreacting. Her dad said they’d apologize, but that they’d know for sure then that her fiancé was a wimp.

Don’t Ruin the Family

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OP’s mom told her to grow up and just let it all go. She shouldn’t let a silly prank ruin her relationship with the family.

She’s Standing Her Ground

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But OP is in no mood to compromise, and she thinks what her family did to her fiancé was beyond rotten.

She Should Stick To Her Guns

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Redditors overwhelmingly agree with OP and think she should stick to her guns. They don’t think the four men have any place at her wedding. And many commenters think OP should cut off all contact with her family and just move on with her life.

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