Ex’s Family Takes Advantage of Woman’s Goodwill, Forces Her to Join Vacation She Funded

A not-so-jilted woman stirred up Redditors when she insisted on going on vacation with her ex and his family. Turns out, they only wanted her money to go. Here is the full story.

She Robbed the Cradle

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OP is a 34-year-old woman whose relationship with her 25-year-old boyfriend recently ended after about 18 months together.

She Didn’t Think It Would Last

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The breakup was friendly enough, and OP never expected them to be a long-term couple. The age difference was just too great.

They All Got Along

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But the whole time they were dating, OP got along well with her ex’s family. That even included his mother, who was against the relationship, but liked OP.

She Was Invited

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A few months before they broke up, the boyfriend’s cousin invited the family to a destination wedding in Hawaii. The invite included OP.

They Wanted Her Help

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Everyone was excited to go, and OP’s family asked her to make the travel arrangements for them.

She Paid for Everything

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OP was happy to do that, and she even put it all on her credit card.

But It Was Just a Loan

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Since OP makes good money, she could carry the financial load for a while. But her ex’s family promised to pay her back shortly, when they had the money.

It Was a Big Chunk

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The total per-person cost of the trip came out to about $2000, so OP was on the hook for a pretty hefty amount.

He Went No Contact

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And then, before the wedding, OP and her boyfriend broke up. In the weeks since, she hadn’t heard any more about the wedding or repayment.

She Wanted the Details

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But recently, the ex’s mom emailed OP to get the details about the trip. She wanted their boarding passes and reservation numbers for the hotel, among other things.

She Needed to Pay Up

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OP reminded the older woman that she still owed for her family’s portions of the bill.

She Wanted Even More

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Once OP had that money in hand, she said, she’d be happy to provide all the details. OP also wanted the family to reimburse her for her part of the trip since she would no longer be attending the wedding.

Her Tone Took a Turn

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The ex’s mom told OP she’d get her money eventually. When OP didn’t respond, the mom wrote back again, this time demanding the trip information.

She Was Going to Expose Her

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OP repeated that she wanted her money first, but the older woman said she wasn’t paying! She even threatened to tell everyone what a horrible witch OP was being.

She Went Around Mom

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OP had had enough of the mom at that point and contacted her ex. She asked him what was going on and when she could expect the money.

He Was Almost as Bad

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But the ex wasn’t much better than his mom! He said OP was being unreasonable and the family would pay when they weren’t struggling so much with finances, but that she needed to give up the trip details.

She Had an Idea

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OP told her ex that it wasn’t fair for her to have to pay for the trip and get nothing in return. So she offered a compromise.

She Was Going With Them

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OP said that the ex’s family could stay in one of the rooms she had booked, and she would stay in the other. She now planned to make the trip on her own, right alongside her ex.

It Was Too Weird

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That didn’t sit well with OP’s ex, who said it would all just be too weird.

He Wanted to Mooch

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OP gave her ex one last option, which was to cancel all the reservations. But he didn’t like that idea since it meant his family couldn’t mooch the trip from her.

She’s Definitely Going

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So now, OP is planning to go on vacation, traveling with her ex’s family on their way to the cousin’s wedding.

She Has to Salvage Something

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It may be uncomfortable, but OP figures she at least will get something for her money. Redditors are pretty much outraged by the family’s behavior and think they’re just trying to stiff OP with the travel expenses.

Most commenters think OP should go on the trip but warn her that she’ll probably never see any money from the family. Some say she should have someone keep an eye on her house while she’s gone so the ex’s family doesn’t try to take out some sort of revenge on her.

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