He Cut Off His Niece’s College Fund When She Questioned His Masculinity

A 30-something man recently took to Reddit to ask for advice after he cut off his niece from her college fund when she insulted him behind his back. Keep reading for the full scoop.

They Couldn’t Get Pregnant

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OP is a 35-year-old man whose marriage ended in 2019 after he and his wife tried, and failed, to have a baby for five years.

He Stepped up for Her

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That same year, OP opened a college fund for his niece. More recently, he has been spending every weekend at his mother’s house, where his sister and niece also live.

He Was Eavesdropping

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During one of his routine weekend visits, OP overheard a conversation in the kitchen that caught his attention.

Intrigued, he quietly approached the kitchen to listen more closely and discovered his sister discussing his ex-wife’s pregnancy with her new husband.

It Was a Blow

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The revelation struck a nerve for OP, considering the infertility problems he faced during his marriage, which ultimately led to their divorce.

She Thought It Was His Fault

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As he eavesdropped, OP was surprised to hear his niece chime in, repeatedly stating, “I told you so.”

She then went on to tell her mother and grandmother that she always knew her uncle was the one with the fertility issue.

He Was Too Fragile

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The niece then lowered the boom. She said OP would never admit to his fertility issues because his masculinity was too fragile.

She Devastated Him

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Shocked and hurt by his niece’s words, OP froze in disbelief, struggling to process her accusations and insensitivity.

Feeling emotionally overwhelmed, he retreated to his room and isolated himself for hours.

They Caught Him Sneaking Out

Was He an A**hole for Sticking Up for His White Brother When Confronted With His Grandparents Racism? Eventually, OP tried to get out of the house without anyone seeing him, but his mother and sister saw him leaving and asked where he had been.

They could also see he was upset and wanted to know why.

He Told Them the Truth

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Initially reluctant to engage in an argument, OP finally revealed that he overheard his niece’s hurtful comments about his fertility issues and his ex-wife’s pregnancy news.

She Was Just a Kid

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OP’s  sister tried to downplay her daughter’s words, dismissing them as the nonsensical rambling of an ignorant teenager who lacks a deep understanding of the situation.

He Was Out

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But OP was still deeply hurt and couldn’t stand to be in the same space as someone who blamed him for circumstances beyond his control – circumstances that turned his life upside down. So he Left.

He Couldn’t Let It Go

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Feeling the weight of the situation, OP sent a heartfelt text message to his sister the next day, expressing the immense pain and devastation caused by his niece’s hurtful remarks.

So He Cut Her Off

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OP also told his sister that he can no longer bear the responsibility of funding his niece’s education.

She Wanted to Apologize

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His sister called and texted OP several times, offering apology after apology.

She told him that his niece would apologize in person, but he didn’t feel comfortable being in a room with her.

It Just Wasn’t Fair

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OP’s mother urged him to reconsider, to sit down with his niece and hear her out.

His mother didn’t think it was fair to pull her college fund out from under her.

He’s Going to Try

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Eventually, OP did agree to try and meet with his sister and aunt.

He’s working on not being so sensitive to words, especially those of a young girl without much world experience.

It Still Stings

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But he’s also having trouble getting over his niece’s opinion of him. He’s not sure how he’s going to move forward.

Redditors are mixed in their opinions about OP and his situation.

Some think he is well within his rights to pull his money from his niece’s college fund. It’s his dough, and she hurled insults at him, even if it was behind his back.

Others say it’s not fair to set her up with college money and then pull it out from under her. They think he should realize that she probably picked up her ideas about his infertility from other adults in the family.

And still others wonder if maybe the niece was right all along, and not only was he infertile, but he was too fragile to admit it.

So, what do you think of this story? Is OP justified in nixing his niece’s college fund?

Or should he suck up his emotions and follow through on the financial promise he made to the girl? Let us know what you think!

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