“Constant Lies”: Biden’s Latest Jobs Speech Plagued by Factual Errors Raising Questions About Credibility – Fact-Checking the Details

In a recent speech, President Biden discussed the country’s latest jobs report. In the process, he unfortunately made a series of factual errors and misleading claims regarding the administration’s achievements.  Debt Reduction In his speech, President Biden stated that he reduced the federal debt by $1.7 trillion. This is incorrect. The federal debt has actually … Read more

Governor Sander’s Lavish $19,000 Lectern Sparks Controversy – Where Did She Get the Money?

Recent public records have cast further doubts on when Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ office intended to reimburse the state for a $19,000 lectern, which was initially purchased using a government credit card in June.  The Suspicious Text Added Much Later Records disclosed this week indicate that the Arkansas GOP covered the lectern’s cost in … Read more

Trump’s Unprecedented and Shocking Confession Aired on LIVE TV – Is This the End of His Political Career?

In his Meet The Press interview, Trump may have unknowingly admitted to committing some serious crimes during the 2020 election campaign. Trump’s Unintentional Admission Revealed! In a recent interview with NBC, former prosecutor Andrew Weissmann uncovered what could be a bombshell revelation by former President Donald Trump in the upcoming election race. Former Prosecutor’s Insight … Read more

Challenging the 40-Hour Workweek: Pennsylvania Lawmaker Proposes Bold 4-Day Workweek Bill to Improve Work-Life Balance, Reduce Stress, and Boost Productivity – But Not Everybody Is Happy

A lawmaker in Pennsylvania has proposed a bill that could see certain businesses employing a 4-day work week for employees, but here’s the catch – they’ll receive exactly the same pay as before! Exciting News for Workers A groundbreaking proposal could transform the working week in Pennsylvania, using a method that has been tried and … Read more

Russia-Ukraine War Drives Surge of Asylum Seekers to New York – Concerns Emerge Over Exploitation of Biden’s ‘Open Borders’ Policy

New evidence suggests that more Russians and Ukrainians are fleeing to New York, with some officials claiming that immigrants are taking advantage of the generous immigration policy in the city under Biden’s control. Russia-Ukraine War Sparks Exodus to the US Amid the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, a mass migration of citizens from both countries is flooding … Read more