Kari Lake Gives Pointed Response To Arizona Recount Demand

On Saturday, Republican Kari Lake reminded everyone that she isn’t ready to give up yet on being the Governor of Arizona. The Girl Who Cried Fraud Lake has been adamant that the 2022 gubernatorial election in Arizona was fraudulent. Issues with tabulation machines and printer issues gave Lake all the fuel she needed to challenge … Read more

How Donald Trump Was Able Get Away With Paying So Little in Taxes

The House Ways and Means Committee finally released Donald Trump’s tax returns from 2015-2020. The documents revealed that Trump paid far less than expected in taxes in the years he was in office. He reported significant losses every year, and the amount he paid in taxes reflected that. Disproportionate Amounts The tax return documents are … Read more

Trump Continues Fraudulent Election Claims After Clearance from Testifying

Bennie Thompson, chairman of the panel in charge of investigating the January 6th riot, has confirmed that the panel will be rescinding its subpoena and that Trump will not be made to testify, and that the panel has completed its investigation. Backfire The committee charged with investigating the January 6th Capitol riot previously decided to … Read more