61 of the Best Gender Reveal Ideas

gender reveal ideas

Although you can choose just to discover your baby’s gender immediately, there’s nothing like the fun and excitement of leaving things up to fate. One quirky way to go about that is with a gender reveal party! The only catch is, what on earth do you do for your gender reveal?  The good news is … Read more

He Went to the Gym for a Work-Out and Took off His Wedding Ring, She Saw Him, Assumed He Fancied Her and Has a Meltdown

Reddit has again provided a source of entertaining reading. Recently on the subthread, Redditor, Brian, told the story about his recent visit to the gym. A Family Man Brian described himself as a family man, and after work, he goes home and helps put his kids to bed. After they are asleep, he hits the … Read more

Bride Assumed Mom Would Pay for Free Bar at Wedding, but Mom Refused and Triggers a Groom and Bridezilla Meltdown

Recently, on Reddit’s subthread, a big discussion was triggered by a Redditor who sought advice from the community on whether she was wrong for refusing to pay for a free bar at her daughter’s wedding. The Redditor said that both she and her husband had a great relationship with the daughter, but the drinks’ cost … Read more

Homemade Granola Bars

Granola Bars

Granola bars make for a delicious snack. They are filled with oats, dried fruits, and sometimes chocolate and packed with nutrients. Unfortunately, most kinds you buy in the store are also filled with a laundry list of ingredients I’ve never heard of and can’t pronounce. When I started a 30-day clean-eating challenge, I made my granola … Read more