His Homophobic Cousin Told Him if He Doesn’t Repent And Stop Being Gay, He’s Not Going to Heaven. He Told Her to Worry About Her Own Religious Wrong Doings First!

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She Confronted Her Religious Parents for Their Hypocrisy, They Were Always Speaking Badly of Others

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She Replaced Her ‘Non-compliant’ Neighbor’s Blue Flowers With Red Tulips From Her Own Garden… Which Resulted in a Fine and Gaudy Garden Gnomes

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Cooking Live Lobster in the Office Results in Lobster Being Freed in Carpark

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Homophobic Parents Said His Gay Twin Brother Had to Be Celibate or Straight, so He Cut Them Off and Rejected His Inheritance to Stand By His Brother

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Her Gay Roommate Accused Her of Hitting On Him and Being Homophobic for Wearing Her Favourite Tank Tops Around Him. She Just Wants to Chill Out and Be Comfortable at Home!

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They Found Out Their Daughter’s School Hid Her Trans Hormone Use: She Was Undergoing Cross-Sex Hormone Treatment Without Their Knowledge!

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Hospital Faces Backlash After Trans Minister Put Up LGBT Flags in Prayer Room for Gravely Sick Children

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