Geriatric Presidential Contenders: Tucker Carlson and Dave Portnoy Weigh In on Trump and Biden’s Candidacies

Fox News host Tucker Carlson agreed with Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy’s thoughts on the question of whether Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, both in their 70s, are “too old” to lead the nation. Here’s the full story. The Interview During a candid interview on Tucker’s Twitter show, “Tucker on X”, Portnoy expressed his … Read more

Controversial School Guidelines Reignite Debate Over Transgender Bathroom Access: “Trans People Cannot Use Different Bathrooms Again”

The Orange County Public Schools, one of the largest and most prominent school districts in Florida, recently made headlines with the issuance of new guidelines that have stirred significant controversy. Here’s the full story. Orange County Public Schools The Orange County Public Schools (OCPS), serving over 209,000 students across 210 schools, unveiled the new guidance … Read more

Biden’s Bloopers: The Most Shocking and Confusing Quotes From the President, From ‘God Save the Queen, Man’ to ‘Hopeful in 2020′

Throughout his more than five decades in political life, Joe Biden has gained notoriety for his verbal gaffes and missteps. The rigors of the Presidency seem to have intensified his tendency for verbal blunders, leaving staffers to deal with the aftermath of his often perplexing and controversial remarks. Let’s take a look at some of … Read more

Female Swimmers Mandated to Share Changing Facilities With Transgender Woman and Subjected to ‘Reeducation’

Trans swimmer Lia Thomas’s former teammates expressed discomfort undressing with her during training sessions. When they raised concerns, the university told them to get “reeducated.” The incident has sparked debate on privacy and inclusion. She Shared Her Experience Addressing the House Judiciary Committee, Paula Scanlan, a former teammate of Lia Thomas and an NCAA Division … Read more

“This Is Not a Church of God”: Texas Church Slammed for Blessing Drag Queens During Sunday Worship

In a display of solidarity against Texas’ anti-drag legislation, a church in Dallas has taken a step forward, offering prayers of support and blessings to drag queens and the LGBTQ+ community. Here’s the full story. The Sunday Service The Cathedral of Hope in Dallas, renowned for its commitment to inclusivity, held a Sunday service on … Read more

Fourth-Grader Identifies Self as “Genderqueer Lesbian” – Prepare to Be Astonished by How This Mother Is Navigating the Situation

In a heartfelt plea during a recent Wilson County School Board meeting in Tennessee, Lindsey Patrick-Wright, a concerned mother, exposed the cruel insults hurled at her sixth-grade child, Pippy, by their classmates. Here’s the full story. The Bullying Patrick-Wright shared these distressing accounts to shed light on the pervasive bullying and discrimination her child faced … Read more

New Jersey Schools Embrace Inclusive Language, Removing Gender-Specific Terms From School Policies

In a recent development, the New Jersey State Board of Education (NJSBE) has garnered attention for its adoption of an equity policy that introduces gender-neutral language to education practices across the state. Here’s the full story. Equity Policy The equity policy, known as the Managing For [Equality and] Equity in Education policy, aims to ensure … Read more

Trump Blasts Biden in Latest Truth Social Post – “Our Country Is Being Destroyed by a Man With an IQ of a First Grader”

Former President Donald Trump’s unrelenting barrage of criticisms directed at President Joe Biden’s mental capabilities has become a defining feature of his post-presidential public presence. Here are the latest accusations by Trump. Questioning Biden’s Competence Using his Truth Social platform, Trump recently escalated his rhetoric by not only questioning Biden’s competence, but also suggesting that … Read more

Transgenderism Just a Phase: Musician Carlos Santana Says “You Grow Out of It” in Anti-trans Rant Mid-Concert

Legendary musician Carlos Santana, known for his iconic rock anthems, recently made waves when he expressed his alignment with comedian Dave Chappelle’s controversial views on gender during a concert in Atlantic City. Here’s the full story. An Influential Figure With a career spanning decades and over 100 million records sold worldwide, Santana’s influence in the … Read more

Trump Slammed by DeSantis’ Campaign After Spreading Rumors That Ron Is Dropping Out of Presidential Race

The political arena was once again electrified as Ron DeSantis’ team swiftly countered rumors ignited by former President Donald Trump. Here’s what happened. Campaign In Disarray In a post on his Truth Social account on Monday, August 28, Donald Trump suggested that Ron DeSantis’ presidential campaign was in disarray, with plummeting poll numbers forcing the … Read more