30 Qualities Men Think Women Love That Are Actually Huge Turn-Offs – From Mind Games to Blatant Sexism

Ladies, have you ever found yourself on a date with a guy with all the qualities you’re supposed to want, but something feels off? Chances are, he’s fallen victim to the false belief that these certain traits make him irresistible to women. But let’s be honest. Ladies, you know that these so-called irresistible qualities are … Read more

Administrative Errors Responsible for 1 in 4 Americans’ Low Credit Reports

After surprising news exposing a prominent banking institution for charging fake fees earlier this month, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is in the news again. Still, this time, their data is showcasing a significant gap in credit report accuracy. According to a recent study by FCRA by Fair Credit, one-quarter of all credit reports … Read more

Biden Blocked Student Loan ‘Forgiveness Bill’ – Massive Impact on States With Highest Student Loan Debts

Despite President Biden’s recent loan forgiveness announcement of $40 billion in relief, the Supreme Court’s rejection of his larger proposed bill reflecting a forgiveness plan of $400 billion will hit states with the highest average student debt rates hardest.  According to a recent study conducted by CreditDonkey, the state of Maryland has the country’s highest … Read more

End of April Sees Massive Spike in Tax Relief Searches

Tax Relief

Americans are looking for a solution to their debt problems this tax season, with a spike of 566 percent in search volume for the term “IRS Fresh Start Program” in late April. According to a study by Ideal Tax, Google Trends reports showing a massive spike in American searches for the “IRS Fresh Start Program … Read more

10 of the Best Apps That Pay You Money in 2023

apps that pay you money

Are you interested in generating additional income? Perhaps you’re ready to start building your portfolio or simply looking for a way to earn additional cash with your daily purchases.  If so, this list of 10 financial apps is for you.  These days, robo-advisors and automated investment platforms are popping up everywhere. AI bill negotiators and … Read more