“He’s Too Weak to Defend Himself”: Ron DeSantis Believes Trump Is ‘Weak’ and Unveils a Shocking Campaign Strategy That Will Propel Him to Victory

As the GOP presidential primary debate approaches, allies of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis have outlined a strategic plan to navigate the upcoming event.  The Memo In a two-page memo by the pro-DeSantis super PAC Never Back Down, published by Axiom Strategies on August 15th, the allies detail key objectives for DeSantis in defending former President … Read more

How Defeated Politicians Cash In on Your Donations – Using Fundraising to Pay Down Their Loans!

Shining a light on the new and creative way in which politicians fundraise and pay themselves. Take a look.  Funding Creativity According to a recent analysis, politicians who lost in recent elections are finding fun and creative ways to fund their campaigns and repay themselves.  Loan Repayments Around $2.3 million in campaign contributions have been … Read more

“We’re Not Done Yet” – Trump Faces Accusations of Embezzling Millions From His Own Supporters! Will the Legal System Finally Hold Him Accountable?

Trump faces possible legal difficulties as the PAC is investigated regarding election donations. Here’s the story. Trump’s Post-2020 Election Donation Funds May Be Frozen Reports suggest that former President Donald Trump’s post-2020 election donation funds may be frozen as Special Counsel Jack Smith investigates the fundraising behind Trump’s Save America political action committee (PAC). Utilization … Read more

Trump’s Questionable “Office Eligibility” – New Study Explores Whether Donald Trump Still Has the Right to Run for President

A new study analyzes whether Donald Trump has the right to run for president for the second time. Here’s the full story.  Study Suggests Donald Trump May Not Run for President for the Second Time Two conservative law professors, William Baude from the University of Chicago and Michael Stokes Paulsen from the University of St. … Read more

EPA’s “Climate-Friendly” Choice Turns Toxic: Cancer-Causing Boat Fuel Made From Plastic Waste Approved

The EPA has been found to have made a controversial decision regarding boat fuel which can cause cancer. What’s all the kerfuffle about? Read on to learn more.  A Boat Fuel Made From Plastic Garbage The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently approved a boat fuel made from discarded plastic, despite its own risk assessment showing … Read more

“No One Leaves Until Everything Is Done!” – Manager’s Impossible Demands Exposed in HR’s Spectacular Malicious Compliance Case

Casey’s tale of workplace struggle took an unexpected turn when she sought revenge on their demanding Department Manager. After documenting the unbearable workload, Casey’s actions lead to a surprising twist of events, leaving Hannah to face the consequences of her unfair demands. The Perfect Job and Sudden Changes Casey thought she landed the perfect job … Read more

Trump’s Insatiable Hunger for the Spotlight – Examining His Ego-Driven Campaign Blueprint Fueling His Growing Lead in the Polls

It seems like Donald’s got a strategy to win the votes – never be seen with another candidate! Here’s the story. Strategizing to Keep His Lead Former President Donald Trump is strategizing to keep his lead in the Republican nomination race. He plans to avoid joint appearances with other GOP candidates and instead hold separate events … Read more

Transgender Athlete Takes Gold in Swimming – Now Faces Lifetime Ban Amidst Controversy

A transgender swimmer has been surrounded by controversy after winning the NCAA and not facing a ban.  National Success Lia Thomas, a talented swimmer, achieved national success after joining the women’s team at Yale University. Before this, she competed on the men’s team for three years but ranked much lower.  Uncertain Future Now Lia Thomas’ … Read more

“They Just Kept on Increasing” – Trans Teenagers Are on the Rise, and Now Studies Are Showing the Reasons Behind This ‘Strange’ Development

A study has highlighted the rise of teenagers seeking help with gender identity.  Mismatch on the Gender They Feel Inside A new study shows that more and more young people are feeling a mismatch between their assigned gender at birth and the gender they feel inside.  Gender Dysphoria The medical term for this feeling is … Read more