30 Traits in Women That Are Unappealing to Men

If you’ve ever felt that your dating life isn’t quite what it could be, it might be time to take a step back and examine the traits in yourself that could serve as a turn-off. It can be challenging to identify these qualities within ourselves. Still, with some self-reflection and honest evaluation of our behavior, … Read more

30 Cities With the Worst Reputations With Travelers

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15 Reasons Women Feel Trapped in Their Marriages

Marriage is arguably one of the most challenging relationships in our world. There is a lot at stake, and many unconsciously make the mistake of allowing their egos to compete for supremacy. This is always a recipe for disaster, and many marriage failures today can be traced to the silliness of egos.  However, what makes … Read more

10 Heroic Attempts at Selflessness Gone Wrong

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