Don’t Commit These 10 Destructive Decisions that Can Scar Your Child for Life

Everyone wants to do right by their kids. Sometimes, however, parents can fall flat. And sometimes, you might be making your kid absolutely miserable without even knowing it. #1. Public Discipline Sometimes kids misbehave and need to be disciplined. However, in a public place, in a very public way, is not appropriate. It’s extremely embarrassing … Read more

Do You Agree With This Dad Who Says the Perfect Attendance Awards Are Bogus, ‘How Are We Still Doing These?’

With the flu and covid still in the air, parents have been doing their best to navigate school events without them or their children contracting anything. Yet, for some reason, perfect attendance awards are still relevant. A TikTok dad posted a now-viral video explaining why he believes perfect attendance awards should be taken out of … Read more

She Connected With Colleagues Through Innocent Hugs but Was Fired Anyway, Who Was in the Wrong?

A Reddit user shares their story of having to fire an intern because she wouldn’t stop hugging people at the office. Too Touchy-Feely The original poster (OP) explained that they manage the internship program at their job. Their job offers six and twelve-month internships. OP noticed that one of the women in the program hugged … Read more